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This page discusses a group that appears to be inactive. team seems to have disbanded towards the end of firelands --Warruz 11:23, 28 June 2012 (PDT)

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SFD Raid Team



Stratholme Fire Department (SDF) is a 10-man progression raid team revived 01.25.11 after a 6 month hiatus. We're back, and we're ready to take on Cataclysm for AIE Diginatas.

SFD Raid Thread

SFD Combat Logs



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  • Exaltd (Druid/Bear)


We run Thursdays and Sundays from 9 pm server until 12 am server.


We have completed up to Nefarion in Blackwing Descent, and are kicking things up in Bastion of Twilight.



Now that our runs are less pugs and we have a semblance of a full group we will be implementing a few policies to make things more clear on what is expected of you and requirements for those who want to remain members of the team.

Attendance: First and foremost all raid members and reserve players will receive invites at least a week prior to the next raid. Full members are required to give a response to calender invites before the raid. If you are on to be invited to raid and you have not checked 'accepted' on your calender invite then you may or may not have a spot waiting for you. All team members are required to give some notice at least an hour before raid time as to whether or not they will be attending. Those who do not give any sort of notification whether it be on the forums, in game mail, text message or cell phone call and do not show up for raid immediately will lose their spot as a full team member and be moved to standby status. We have other people that want to join the group and are more than willing to show up on time or provide notice. All changes in status of course are up to the discretion of the team leaders. Unless prior notice is given everyone should be online at least 10 minutes prior to raid and ready for invites, which means if your in a group you need to drop it around 10 minutes prior to raid start.

Loot: Loot is loot council and up to the discretion of the team leader. For the most part loot is open rolls for main spec and then open roll for off spec, if no one wants it then it will be sharded and Camio(The team enchanter) will buy reciples/or do enchants for raid members at a discount. If two people need an item and it's BiS for someone and about 10 spots down for someone else then we are going to make sure it goes to whoever it's best for, the rolls are for those whom it's about an equal upgrade. For the most part spirit is a healer stat except for a few rare exceptions, hit is a dps stat so please try to let those rules guide you if your not sure if it's an upgrade. I do not want us to just automatically give certain pieces of loot to someone because they have been waiting a long time but once again if it's BiS for someone by quite a bit they will get preference on it.

Boe's: Boe's will first go to open rolls for Main Spec upgrades only. Not oh I could use that sword on my combat spec that I never use..etc. If no one can use the Boe as an upgrade and immediately equip it then it will go to open rolls. Boe's will be saved till the end of the raid night and rolled on then that way anyone that pugs will have to wait till the end if they want a roll.

Raid/Roles and Communication:

Open mics/talking is permitted for most of the time in raid chat except during boss fights. Communication during boss fights will be limited to raid leader, assistant raid leader, tanks, and lead healer. If you are not one of these things or have not been asked to communicate during the raid then don't say anything. Obviously if you have something wrong with YOUR character and you need help then go ahead, if someone else is screwing up then leave it to the raid leads. I welcome whispers etc about such thing but lets try to keep communication at a minimum during boss fights. We are all guilty of it but when in the middle of a boss fight even if your a leader try to keep communication to only what is relevant at the moment, talking about Camio's mom should be saved for after the fight.

We have no required raid mods, but we strongly encourage Deadly Boss Mods.


  • 07.17.11

Argaloth, Occu'thar (3) first down. Firelands progression. 4 boe drops, and a couple attempts where Shannox won.


  • 07.14.11

BWD clear.

  • 07.10.11

Some attempts at Nef and Firelands.

  • 07.07.11

Raid called.

  • 07.03.11

Raid called?

  • 06.30.11

Nef downed! (Sadly no screens submitted)

  • 06.26.11

Nef attempts.

  • 06.23.10

Raid called ?

  • 06.19.11

Everything but Nef cleared. He won.

  • 06.12.11

Halfus, V&T, Ascendant Council (3), Conclave of the Winds (2).


Sadly everyone left for Ogr before I could get a good screenshot. Forgot screenshot for the conclave. Will take one next time.

  • 06.09.11

Magmaw, ODS, Maloriak (1), Chimaeron, Atramedes all downed.

  • 06.05.11

No Raid.

  • 06.02.11

Magmaw (2), ODS (2), Chimaeron (1), Atramedes (2) all downed. Pugs.

  • 05.29.11

No Raid.

  • 05.26.11

Magmaw, ODS, Maloriak, Chimaeron, Atramedes all downed. First attempt (and fail) on Conclave of the Winds.

  • 05.22.11

Nefarion won. Halfus, V&T down.

  • 05.19.11

Magmaw, ODS, Maloriak, Chimaeron (1), Atramedes all downed. Nefarion won.

  • 05.15.11


Atramedes downed! Nefarion won. V&T Downed


  • 05.12.11

Magmaw downed (1). ODS downed (1). Maloriak downed (1). Chimaeron downed (1). Atramedes won (4).

  • 05.08.11

ODS downed (1). Maloriak kicked our butts. (8)

  • 05.05.11

Halfus downed (1). Magmaw downed (2). ODS fail. (5).

  • 05.01.11

Maloriak downed. Chimaeron thwarted us.

  • 04.28.11

Magmaw downed (1). No other raid logs posted, but I'm sure we did ODS, and Maloriak downs too.

  • 04.24.11


Chimaeron first kill! (2 attempts). Atramedes thwarted us! (4 attempts). Halfus downed (1). Sarth 3 drakes completed.

  • 04.21.11


Magmaw downed (1). ODS downed (1). Maloriak first kill (6 attempts). Chimaeron thwarted us (2 attempts).

  • 04.17.11

No raid.

  • 04.14.11

No raid.

  • 04.10.11

Maloriak thwarted us after 15 attempts.

  • 04.07.11

Magmaw downed (3rd attempt). ODS downed (2nd attempt). Halfus downed (2nd attempt).

  • 04.03.11


Magmaw downed. First ODS downed 3rd attempt! Halfus downed. Gained two dps: Claytons and Thaze.

  • 03.31.11

Raid cancelled. Not enough people. Kreegenator resigned.

  • 03.24.11

Magmaw failures. Possible due to unusual group make up for us. 3 pugs.

  • 03.20.11

ODS attempts. Down to 19% before we had to replace Sidekick who left. Down to 20% after that before hitting diminishing returns.

  • 03.17.11

1 shot Magmaw. ODS attemped. 1 shot Halfus. Aragloth taken off the raid roster.

  • 03.13.11


First Magmaw downed! First attempt at ODS. Partial Aragloth run.

  • 03.10.11


Halfus downed. Aelethal joins the team. Too many people locked to Argaloth.

  • 03.06.11

Halfus Downed. Magmaw

  • 03.03.11

Raid cancelled. Not enough members.

  • 02.27.11


  • 02.24.11

Halfus downed.

  • 02.20.11


  • 02.17.11

Argaloth downed. Halfus.

  • 02.13.11

First attempt on Halfus. Dantrock leaves the team.

  • 02.10.11


  • 02.06.11

Magmaw. Cuttingedge leaves the team.

  • 02.03.11

First attempt on Argaloth. Downed! First attempt on Magmaw.

  • 01.30.11

Kreeg and Viren join. More Heroics

  • 01.27.11


  • 01.25.11

Son of a Lich dissolves and Stratholme Fire Department is resurrected.

Photo Album

Here's a couple of fun screenshots from our raids: