Spring 2013 Craft Faire

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2013 Spring Craft Faire

Forum Post

Mark your calendars!

Dates: Saturday, April 27th from 4pm to 7pm server time. Silvermoon City Sunday, April 28th from 2pm to 5pm server time. Silvermoon City

Keep in mind only guildies (with AIE guild tag) can level at the Craft Fair.

Requirements to volunteer: - Authenticator (yep that's it) - It would also help to have bags and bank space to store the mats. A lot of the captains have given up toons (and gold) to store the donated mats. - We can always use more workers for the Craft Faire, so if you think you can help out, please send an email to me for more information and to be added to the mailing list. My email is: syreyne99@gmail.com ALSO: Please fill out this form if you have not already!!! Thanks!!!

We will also have guaranteed time for the captains and helpers to get their (or their alts') professions leveled up as well.

We are also having a RAFFLE!! More details to follow!!! You won’t believe what we already got for you guys!!! Link to Raffle Post!


Again this year, we are asking that you sign up ahead of time for which profession you want to level. We have a lovely form for you to fill out. Due to the increased demand at the Craft Faire, people that are pre-registered will have priority over the donated materials to level their profession. We are pushing harder this time around for everyone to sign up ahead of time so we know what materials we need to gather.