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What is Serious Business?

Serious Business is a 25 man raid team. We take our raiding seriously (hence the name) but we don't demand the time commitment that other hard core raid teams and guilds require. The primary goal of Serious Business is to clear and master Icecrown Citadel 25.


We raid 2 nights a week, Monday and Wednesday. Times are as follow:

Monday 7pm-10pm Server

Wednesday 7pm-10pm Server

What to Bring?

1. Yourself, along with whatever awesome skills you have. If you don't have amazing nunchaku skills or random lethal weapons hidden around your house don't bother coming. Show up 5-10 minutes before the scheduled raid time so we can summon and find replacements if needed.

2. A good attitude! We want to have fun while raiding and one person's negativity can completely kill our momentum.

3. Required Addons.

4. Flasks, reagents, and repaired armor. Fish Feasts are provided but you are welcome to bring your own food.

5. Ventrilo. We have our own Vent server that will be linked in raid chat before we start.