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The Running of the Beef is an event that was started by Owlwyffe and Heifeweissen, then later continued by Thyatira. In the event, participants are instructed to roll a new level 1 player of the chosen race. Each character should have a name matching the theme of the run, and should join the guild created for the run. The goal is to run from the starting area of that race to a predetermined location. The first one there wins first prize, second there gets second prize, and so on. The event has been a favorite of many guild members.

Running of the Beef 2: The Gnomish Offensive

Official Thread

What: A friendly infiltration of Alliance territory. Level 1 gnomes will race across the golden fields of Azeroth.

When: Sunday, January 6th

Time: 8:00pm Server Time (Eastern Standard Time)

Where: Gnome starting area to Crossroads. Pit stops in Ironforge and Stormwind City. A final run path will be given at a later date.

Who: Any and all members!

Why: Because Running of the Beef 1 was so much fun!

How do you win? Here's a few categories (subject to change)

  • First to cross the finish line
  • Most creative Gnome name


  • You must create a new level 1 Gnome character on the Earthen Ring server.
  • You must run the whole race in your underwear.
  • No flight paths, speed, or health potions, on your honor!
  • Please, follow the directions of the guild officers.
  • DO NOT spam chat channels.
  • Keep all language free of foul language and harassment, according to Blizzard policies. Normally allowed Alliance-dissing, however, is required.
  • All prizes will be given to or will be associated with your AIE Horde-side main

Running of the Beef 3: The Shambling

Official Thread

What: Level 1 Undeads will walk naked in their bare bones across Azeroth, zombie style.

When: Sunday, July 13th

Time: 8pm Server Time (EST)

Where: Undead starting area

Who: Any and all members!

Temp Guild: Ack ZombAIEs.

Categories to win in

  • Most original name
  • Most creative character back-story:
    • Back-story submitted prior to event in this thread with rules posted there.
    • Deadline is 8pm Server Time, Sunday, July 13th.


  • You must create a new level 1 Undead character on the Earthen Ring server. (We will allow non-level 1 Undead characters to run. Please whisper or mail me.)
  • Please, follow the directions of the event organizers.
  • DO NOT spam chat channels.
  • AIE policy applies at all times.
  • All prizes will be given to or will be associated with your AIE main.

Running of the Beef 4: The Resurrection

Official Thread

When: October 31st

Where: EDIT: Cathedral/Fountain area, Stormwind City

Who: Level 1 (or 2, or 3, or 6, it's ok) Undeads, with a team of level 70 protectors

When: 11pm Server Time (Eastern Time)

Temp Guild: ack zombAIEs

Running of the Beef 5: Obey Henry!

Official Thread

What: This incarnation of the Running of the Beef will be a rally-style run of orc hunters between level 10 and level 15 (inclusive) with orange tiger pets, all named Henry, from Sen'jin Village in southern Durotar to the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

When: The race will begin on Sunday, November 22 at 21:00 server time.

How to Prepare: Roll an orc hunter and level it to 10. Swim out to the Echo Isles. Tame a tiger pet. Name your pet Henry. Be in Sen'jin Village at 20:30 to get an invite to the temporary <Obey Henry> guild.

Prizes will be given for first, second, and third place winners of the race and for participation. Please post in the official thread if you plan on running so we know how many participation gifts to have ready. We are still working on putting together the waypoints for the race.

At the completion of the race there will be cake and free-for-all PvP.

Running of the Beef History

Previous Runs:

  • 1. Tauren
  • 2. Gnomes
  • 3. Undead
  • 4. Undead
  • 5. Gerp and Henry (Orc hunter with tiger)
  • 6. Dwarves
  • 7. Tauren
  • 8. Bronies (Lanc - Blood Elf Pally)
  • 9. Pandas
  • 10. Trolls
  • 11. Admiral - Male Human Pally
  • 12. Aerie Peak Convert to Raid Special - Gnomes
  • 13. Mechanicals vs Maniacals - Gnome Hunters (Mechanical Pets)
  • 14. Special Ralff Edition - Male Tauren Warrior