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Rovinare small.jpg
the Seeker
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Professions Mining Engineering
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Bare Minimum Flair


I remember little from my past, but what I do know I feel must be told so that my story can be spread throughout this land. I was born a Tauren. I do not remember much of my village as a child, and I do not remember my parent’s names. I do recall when I was old enough leaving my village in search of more. I did not understand hunting those poor defenseless animals like my father taught me. I ate only grass and berries. I remember my father’s tears as I left my village.

I had many travels and adventures after leaving my village. I remember little of them, but I do remember a gnome. A very small guy in comparison, he taught me the skill of engineering. I learned to create very complicated machinery. My master kept me hidden as the Tauren’s alliance with the Horde was rather problematic in our relationship. He had a wonderful device that would turn me invisible. He used to say, “It takes a lot of power keeping such a large creature such as you hidden.”

I eventually surpassed my master in knowledge, but he taught me more than I can ever repay. My master passed during the Trogg invasion of Gnomeregan. He went to help the effort. In his passing I vowed to bring him back. I loved him. I left for solitude of the mountains.

I built a machine that ripped through the barriers of space and time, so that I can go back and save him. It took much time, but that was all I had... time. I finished my machine and as far as I could tell it worked. The testing performed was only on poor animals who had been slaughtered by the humans. Until the fateful day that I decided to use the machine on myself…

To be continued...

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