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Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Female
Class Druid
Professions Herbalism Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Rosebloom is a Tauren Druid, and a member of Alea Iacta Est


When rarely seen outside of her shape-shifted forms, Rosebloom's disposition is meek and somewhat sad. She constantly keeps her face cowled or otherwise covered. Exposed areas of her body, and her arms especially, are covered with scarification that a druid's healing methods have seemingly been unable to remedy.


Something happened...


  • Rosebloom's backstory originates in the meta-discussions from various forums that took place around the launch of Burning Crusade. When the Blood Elves were introduced to the Horde, many said that, finally the Horde had a "pretty race", and by implication, the pre-existing Horde races were all "ugly", and the Alliance races were all "pretty", at least to many of the real-life humans. Amongst themselves, I'd imagine Tauren would mostly consider other Tauren more attractive to themselves than the Pink or Blue or Green-skinned races. But what if one of the characters took the view of some of the players, that Tauren and the rest of the Horde ilk were ugly, and the Alliance (who's ranks so recently included the Blood Elven populace) were the physically beautiful ones. Couple that with some generic teen-aged angst over appearance and voila!

The Die Has Been Cast

...and Rosebloom shies away from the attention.


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