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Roll for Initiative (RFI) is a 10-player raiding team in AIE. We currently working through all current Cataclysm raid content.

We are currently raiding in Dragon Soul and have completed it on normal on January 30th 2012 - right before the nerf. On to heroics!!!

The Team

  • Standby

Raid Schedule

  • RFI runs two raid nights a week. Our raids are from 10PM to 1AM server (Eastern) time on Monday and Thursday nights.
  • We use the in-game calendar to organize our raids; raid invites go out a few days before each raid. Raiders are expected to accept these invites, or decline if they cannot attend. The earlier we know about possible schedule issues, the easier it is to organize replacements.

our raid thread

Raiding Requirements

  • To have a good time as well as make progress.
  • Keep on top of what's going on with the raid team - Raiders should reguarly check our forum to see if there are any new strategies / discussions occurring -- When we are going to attempt a new boss, there are often videos and other guides posted in our raid thread. Everyone should check that thread at least twice a week, to stay up to date with our current plans.
  • Addons - Raiders need to have up to date versions of either one of the two main boss addons: BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods.
  • Ventrilo - We have our own Ventrilo server, which everyone in the raid needs to be able to access for our raids. See a raid member for information


  • Current Recruitment: Standby - We need people to fill in occasionally for our raids on Thursday and Monday evenings. Those members who have spent time with us running as standby will have priority if a static position opens up.
  • RFI full members are in the Invictus co-guild in AIE. Standby can be in any guild.
  • If you are interested in running raids with us, you can post in our raid thread, send a PM to Bulkathos or Teenytank on the AIE forums, or chat with either in game.


  • RFI uses basic /random 100 and Spread the Loot Around methods of assigning epic item drops. Since we run a very static raid group, we are interested in gearing up everyone equally. Putting emphasis in gearing up those who can complete gear sets / can get the most bang for the buck

  • Bind on Pick up Items:
    • All drops from a boss are linked in raid chat first, so everyone knows what dropped.
    • Each individual item is announced with a raid warning, and then main spec rolls are opened up.
    • Anyone who needs the item for their main raiding spec does a /random roll, and the character with the highest number gets the item.
    • If no one needs the item for their main spec, then we open it up for offspec rolls. Raiders often wait to roll until here for an item, if it is a minor sidegrade. The character with the highest roll here gets the item.
    • If no one needs the item for their main or offspec, the item is disenchanted, and the crystal is put in the raid team's bank / sold and the money is placed in the raid team's bank.

  • Bind on Equip Items:
    • Are handled similar to BOP items.
    • Anyone who needs the item for their main spec does a /random roll, and the character with the highest number gets the item.
    • If no one needs the item for their main spec, then we open it up for offspec rolls.
    • If no one needs the BoE item spec, the raid team will consider giving it to a standby raider if it is an upgrade for them, and they have shown regularity in helping the raid team fill out the roster.
    • If no one needs it at all the item is sold and proceeds sent to the raid team's bank to sell at the Auction House. (there has been some discussion about buying items for ALTs at a significantly discounted rate - will update this if it becomes official)

  • Spread the Loot Around:
    • We want to spread the loot around, so that as many different raiders get a useful upgrade as possible, per raid.
    • As a result there may be times in which instead of a /random for loot - it is awarded to a specific player - this could be because it completes their set, is BiS (Best-in-Slot) for that character, or if that member has not see drops for quite some time and it's a clear upgrade for that member.

  • End of an Expansion:
    • We are a rather successful team, and typically amass quite a pile of BoE/crystals to sell/utilize during the expansion. Come the end of an expansion, we take a large part of the remaining team gold and split it with all active members of the team.

Raid Bank

We run a raid bank that handles the materials and extra BoE items obtained from raiding.

  • BoE items that are not awarded/purchased by a member of the team will be sold, and then the gold generated from this sale, places in the guild bank.
  • BoP drops not needed by our raiders are disenchanted, and the crystal is also put in the bank / sold on the AH. This gold is then in turn placed in the guild bank. We give these crystals to our raiders for any enchants they need on their raiding gear.
  • Gold put in the guild bank goes to purchasing materials for food, and flask cauldrons used by the raid each week. In this way, we are self-supporting for the major costs incurred in raiding.

Post-Game Analysis


RFI was formed with many of the players who were part of Who Needs Bloodlust. When WNB ended many of the raiders enjoyed working on content together and decided to reform as RFI and continue raiding.

Sometimes people move on, and we understand this - and wish them the best of luck in their travels in Azeroth.

  • Past Members