Rockin' the Faceroll

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Introducing Rockin' the Faceroll, 10 man ICC, progressive yet casual, raiding team!

Definition of the Faceroll courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

Background: When someone alleges a World of Warcraft class is either A.) very simple to play, requiring no attention to DPS rotation or B.) has a hugely overpowered ability that compromises an unfair percent of their DPS done.

In those situations, you, the alleged simpleton, would then key-bind your entire keyboard to one or two abilities. Carefully place left cheekbone on the W key, and while maintaining consistent pressure between your face and keyboard, roll your lips, nose, right cheekbone to about the L key, and then backwards to the W key, and then repeat.


Not raiding at this time due to Cataclysm and the holidays being right around the corner.



Loot Rules

Loot is fairly easy. No goofy mods, just /roll, standard 1-100.

NOTE: 1 beats 100 any day! That is just pure win!

1.) Main Spec (Gear is beneficial to you and the raid team.)

2.) Off Spec (No one needs this but perhaps their 2nd spec could benefit from the item.)

3.) Free to anyone who wants it for fun/gold/shard.