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What is Right Click

Right Click is a 10-man raid group that has been together for close to two (2)years now. We formed back in the Burning Crusade days to run Karazhan.

We like to have a very casual approach to raiding. We take our roles seriously but we have a lot of fun doing it.

Are you interested in raiding with Right Click?

If you are interested in running with us, please contact Bloodsoaked/Ichihorn, Mokkoko, Svatos, Aurboda/Twinner

At this time our regular roster seems to be going through some changes. We still have a core group of folks but as of late are in need of a couple of folks to fill out the evening Raid. We are currently progressing in ICC 10 and ToGC 10, so the appropriate level of gear is required. We are mainly looking for solid DPS that is willing to learn along with us. (Basically if you don't have any patience then don't bother asking)


Right Click is currently raiding and looking for geared alternates that could become regulars in the raiding rotation.

Loot Rules

Looting will be set to Master Looter. If a piece of loot drops that can benefit your class and spec (on-spec) you will receive priority. If there are multiple classes or individuals that can use a piece a gear then a loot roll will be done with the piece going to the highest roll. If no on-spec wants the loot, then we will do an off-spec roll. If no one wants for an off-spec, then the item will be sharded unless it is BOE. In that case then we will do a group roll.

Alternates and primary raid team members in the raid run have an equal chance to roll on loot.

Note* On Spec refers to the current Main Spec of the Toon you are running "in the raid"!


Things come up, we understand that, but if you cannot make a raid time, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible since it can be a pain to find alternates who are geared, yet not yet saved to the instance.


• Vent is required - you at least need to be able to listen

We higly recommend the following add-ons.

Raid Times?

All times are Server Time.

Wednesday's and Saturday's 11:00 pm

Be repaired, restocked (both in-game items and real life munchies and drinks) and ready for a summons 15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to begin. Try to limit the number of AFK's during the raid keeping in mind that we all have carved out a limited amount of time to raid. Assigned breaks will be given during the raid.


Have Fun! Beat down the baddies and get some LEWT!

Rules of the team

1. Be understanding – We are not holding ourselves out as the most experienced people in the game. We read as much as we can about our specs, know our rotations/priorities, but we are casual and are about having a good time first and foremost. If you notice someone consistently doing something wrong, try to privately help that person, don’t just blame it on them in vent or raid chat.

2. Be prepared – make sure you are repaired, have your ammo/buff food/pots/water etc… before our appointed meeting time.

3. Have fun!

    • This page is a work in progress, but not really in too much progress because I am too lazy to update it. It would be GREAT if someone in our group would take the reins and make it look as cool as some of the other teams pages. ***