Revenge of the Noobs

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"Revenge of the Noobs!"

"Revenge of the Noobs!" is a team of raiders who like to down content, in the short time they can play. We raid two nights a week, two hours per night. Members are expected to uphold their commitments to the team, but not to sacrifice their real lives for the game. We are paying to play, not being paid. We've assembled a team of good players and friends who want to see the game as it comes down the pipe. We ask that you know your toon, and the spec you've chosen to play. Do your work outside of raid nights to be ready to hit the harder content and let's down some bosses! We are currently looking for members who can be there full time! Right now we have to pug a lot, and that makes progression difficult.

Raiding Schedule

THIS IS WHAT TIME WE WANT TO START PULLING, please be ready to go 15 minutes early.

Wednesday: 10 pm - 12am Server Time. Thursday: 10pm - 12am Server Time


RotN is currently seeking healers and dps who are willing to commit to the times EVERY week. We are tired of pugging :)

Current Progress

RotN has downed the following bosses in the following dungeons:

Blackwing Descent: Magmaw, The Omnitron Defense System, Maloiak

Bastion of Twilight: Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Throne of the Four Winds:

Baradin Hold:

The Firelands:

Current Roster

Tank - Shrimpicles (Warrior)*

Tank - Enthralled (Blood DK)

Healer - Himni (Holy Pally)

Healer -Currently Recruiting for FULL TIME commitment

Healer - Currently Recruiting for FULL TIME commitment

DPS - Arillian (Fire/Arcane Mage)

DPS - Rampantsword (Fury Warrior)

DPS - Byytorr (Survival Hunter)

DPS - currently recruiting for FULL TIME commitment

DPS - currently recruiting for FULL TIME commitment

Our beloved fill-ins: Fleshjob (Disc Priest), Amarachi (Frost DK), Dahkar (Arcane Mage) --

Loot Rules

Master Looter will list all epic drops and team will /roll as applicable. Main-spec, then off-spec rolls will be granted in case of multiple uses. Items that are not used will be disenchanted. In the case of an abundance of disenchants, the resulting pile of shards will be divided up and mailed in-game to the members of the team.

Gear Requirements

The goal of -Revenge of the Noobs,- is to learn the raids, socialize and most importantly have fun! However, it isn't the intent of the raid leader to allow a player to bring the rest of the raid down. Revenge of the Noobs is casual, but that doesn't mean we don't get things done. Content can be tackled with some effort and team work. Doing heroics will allow people to gear up, so do your heroics. RotN team members are encouraged to run 5-man dungeons with other members of the team. This will help with guild achievements, as well as team work.

In order to check your gear status and IMPORTANT: correct issues such as missing enchants, improper enchants etc, please check the following: [1]

We're in a new expansion, and its important that we make the efforts to be successful. Fix the problems with gear, and ask for help if needed. Someone will likely run a heroic with you, or there is likely someone in the team with a profession you need.

Required Add-Ons

Please install and enable Deadly Boss Mods, and Omen Threat Meter. Task-specific mods like Omni-CC and Decursive are highly recommended.