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Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Warlock
Professions Inscription Herbalism
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Ravished is a Blood Elf Warlock (Demo.), and a member of Alea Iacta Est


Her youth is belied by the gauntness of her figure and the tired look in her pale green eyes. Her skin is pallid, and her hair is pale and lusterless.

Her clothes are clean but showing signs of wear, and they don't fit well to her slight frame.

Though she moves with the energy of youth, there's a weariness that sometimes shows itself in her calmer moments. Every so often she glances furtively towards her minion.


The young woman was found amongst the rubble of Silvermoon City more than a week after Arthas' undead army had marched from the place. She was unconscious and barely alive, and reeked of the plague. Debate rose whether she would awaken living or undead, and some thought to slay her as a precaution, but an orphan matron stepped in to take charge of the young woman.

For four years the matron cared for the comatose young woman, who was forgotten by all others. Until one evening, the matron burst form her home, screaming incoherently in the streets before dying moments later. Those searching the matron's home found, along with her other terrified charges, the young woman just stirring awake.

Not being able to recall the events of that evening, or for that matter her entire life before then, the young woman struggled to be accepted in a society that viewed her with deep suspicion. Eventually she found a new home amongst the Warlock trainers in the rebuilt Silvermoon City, for as she learned of the intervening history she had been absent from, she had become convinced that the keys to her past could be unlocked through the study of Demonology and Affliction.

Even her Warlock mentors, however, became wary of her behavior. When it was time for her to summon her first Voidwalker, she went through with the initial summoning ritual, but instead of battling the Voidwalker into submission, it cowered in fear of her and complied instantly to her mastery. Ever since that time the young woman and the Voidwalker were nigh inseperable.

She can often be seen conversing with her Voidwalker, as though it were talking to her...


  • She adopted the name Ravished as a reminder to herself of the dark chapter of Elven history she survived. Though she doesn't remember anything from that time, she knows that her innocence, her life as it was before, was robbed from her by the force of the Scourge.
  • Her loyal Voidwalker's name is Krakkresh.
  • The names of her other minions: Zepuri the Imp, Bronevere the Succubus, Drooghun the Felhunter, and Keevegen the Felguard.

The Die Has Been Cast

...and Ravished listens to Krakkresh for some signs of it's meaning.


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