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This page has information about how to set up an AIE raiding team on the Raid Team Summary page. Raid team members can add and edit their team info, to keep it up to date.

Adding Your Raid Team Info

  1. Set up an account on this wiki, and add your raiding team page, as detailed in the Raiding FAQ.
  2. Edit this section to see the details of the table below.
  3. Copy the two lines for a team from the table, starting at the |- align=center line and including the | Team Template line.
  4. Paste those lines into the Active AIE Raid Team table on the Raid Team Summary page, changing Team Template to your raid team name. Place your team in the table alphabetically by team name, not at the very end.
  5. Fill in the details for your team, as noted below.

Raid Team Name Content Size Recruiting Recruitment Needs Co-Guild Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Forum Contact Game Contact
Team Template Topic or PM TeamLeader TeamLeader

Raid Team Table Fields

The fields for each raiding team should be filled in as follows:

  • Raid Team Name - This should link to the AIE wiki page for the raiding team.
  • Content - This is the raid content that your raid team is currently on: Tier 13, Tier 12, Tier 11, Tier 11 & 12, or other content such as ICC Drakes or Level 80 Raids. Keep the description short.
  • Size - 10 or 25 depending on the size of your raid.
  • Recruiting - Only Yes or No based on whether your team is recruiting or not. Recruiting details goes in the next column.
  • Recruitment Needs - If you are recruiting, put in a brief description of what classes/roles you are looking for here, such as Ranged DPS or Offtank & healers or Standby DPS. If you aren't recruiting, leave it blank. Unless you put Standby as part of the description, it is assumed that you are looking for people to raid full-time with your raiding team. Keep the description brief; long descriptions about what you need should go on your team's wiki page.
  • Co-Guild - The co-guild that your team is in, if any. Most raiding teams have their members all in one co-guild, for achievements, guild perks, and other bonuses. See details on the forums. If you do not care about co-guild your raid team members are in, leave this field blank.
  • Daily Times - Fill in the days that your raid team runs, like 9PM-11PM, 10:30PM-1AM, etc. This should always list the server time. If you need to see the server time, log into the game and use the /time command.
  • Forum Contact - This should contain both the AIE forum thread for your raid team, and the board PM link to the raid team leader(s).
  • Game Contact - A link to the info for the in-game characters of the raid team leader(s).

Editing Your Raid Team Info

  1. Edit the Active AIE Raid Team table on the Raid Team Summary page.
  2. Update the fields as needed, being careful not to change the format of the table.

Archived Table

This is the code for the old table that was previously used in the Raid Team Summary page, archived here. It is no longer active or accurate.

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=trbg5XXtCi6_1RRG1mohnMA |width=1070 |height=768 }}