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Who Are We?

<RFL> is a new casual raid team focussed on progression through current 10-Man content.


We are currently recruiting!


- and -

1 Healer

Current Raid Times

(All times below are server based)

Sunday 7pm-11pm

Loot Rules

Our loot rules are very open.

You get 1 Main Spec win, and unlimited Off Spec wins (Though we ask that you be considerate of others. If you have already won a few Off Spec rolls, perhaps let others win a few as well).

You may roll for items for your Main Spec during the Off Spec roll.

Requirements of Our Raiders

- Maturity: We are all adults. We don’t need bickering or drama over who got what and when.

- Positive attitude and sense of humour: No body likes a Debby Downer.

- A desire to raid current content

- A basic understanding of current content: Run LFR if you’ve never
 stepped into a raid. It’s a great way to get your barrings.

- Punctuality: Be online half an hour to 15 minutes before raid starts. If
 you are going to be late/not able to make it please inform
 someone as soon as you can.

- Vent: A mic, access to AIE vent, etc. You don't need to talk, but you need to hear!

- DBM: This isn't a horribly strict requirement, however DBM or any other similar addon is infinitely helpful for everyone.


Dragon Soul (10) - 8/8

Dragon Soul (10H) - 2/8

Main Team



- Zerrakim [Paladin (Prot/Ret)]



- Hobokiin [Shaman (Resto/Elemental)]



- Aazur [Hunter (Surv/Marks)]

- Azlyn [Warlock (Demo/Destro)]

- Kasshern [Kasshern (Combat/Sub)]



Stand By







Other Info

If you are interested in a position or just want to contact <RFL> you can use our chat channel (/join RFL) and if someone is there, they will point you in the right direction for more information.

**We ask that, once you have contacted a member of the raid team, you leave the channel. While it is there to help you contact us, it is also our way of communicating with ourselves.**


Q: What Does "RFL" Stand For?

A: "RFL" stands for death and glory. For Azeroth. For AIE.

"RFL" stands for the hour when we draw swords together. For the fel deeds that awake.

"RFL" stands for wrath, for ruin, and the red dawn!

Q: What On Earth Is This "KYIHS"?

A: We in RFL believe that the true way to achieve the highest of performance from our raiders is to "Keep Your Imp Hand Strong". It's a sure-fire way to push out another 10k DPS.