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Character Profile

Porthoss is a Blood Elf Death Knight, set up for both Tanking and DPS. As part of the Insane Horde Posse, he has started his way into Ice Crown Citadel to defeat the Lich King and all those that stand between the Posse and the Lich King

Back Story

Porthoss was a young Blood Elf when he first saw what the devistations of war could bring. His mother was taken from him by a raiding band of Humans from the Arathi Highlands. His father taught him to fight, and he never backed away from a fight when there was one available. He was growing up quickly, and soon found that he had a hole in him that could not be filled. He was a true soldier now. The only thing that could quinch the thirst that this hole was craving was battle. There was no other desire for Porthoss except the rush of battle.

During what seemed like any other normal day, Porthoss was with his unit and they were getting ready to head out on Patrol. He felt a cold chill come through is body, like something was watching him. As they left out from Silvermoon, an ill wind blew through the trees. After several days on patrol, they entered into the Eastern Plague lands. Before them stood a being that put them all in awe. Lifting his sword, the thing said, "Porthoss, I have come for you. I have been watching you and your quest for something that you can not find. Something to fill that emptiness in your soul."

Porthoss stepped down off his Hawkstrider. "Who are you?"

"I have been known by many names. Prince, King, Traitor, Arthas" His eyes glowed an eerie blue all of a sudden. "I can give you the power to fill that emptiness. It is not often I seek one person out to join me. I can create armies from the dead, and then more from the carnage they leave in their wake. But you have something special. You have the emptiness that drives warriors deeper into battle when all hope is lost."

The entire unit is now standing with Porthoss. Porthoss looks around at the men he has served with for several months. "We have heard what you can do. But you have not seen us fight. Your treachery will end here. I would sooner die than join you."

With an evil laugh, The Lich King replies, "That was the plan."

That was the last thing Porthoss remembered before waking up in the ebonhold......