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Playing the Part is a series of Role Playing segments created by Reinyan for The AIE Podcast. The content is written by Reinyan, but all comes from his own experience or questions submitted to him. If you have an idea for a topic for Reinyan to cover, please send him a PM from the forums, an e-mail, or an in-game mail.

Episode List

Segment Number Title Description Links and Notes
1 Beginner Roleplay In this episode, Reinyan gives you the basic tips on how to get started in the wonderful world of roleplay. Topics covered include picking a race, class, name, and backstory.
2 Getting into Roleplay Reinyan talks more about where to go to get information to help deepen and develop your backstory. (Links to come)
3 Spicing Up Your Character Reinyan is back to talk about little things you can do to make your character memorable and fun.
4 Blood Elves Reinyan covers the history and culture of his people, the Blood Elves.
5 Tauren Reinyan covers the history and culture of his closest friends, the Tauren.
6 Forsaken Reinyan covers the history and culture of the enigmatic Forsaken.
7 Explaining Armor Values Reinyan goes whole hog on the nerdiness and covers more than you'd ever want to know about explaining why all of those 'of the Eagle' and 'of the Boar' armors are the way they are.
8 Talents Reinyan explains how talents and talent specs fit into the Roleplay picture.
9 Supplimental: Death Knights Denalian fills in for Reinyan, talking all about how to Roleplay both as and with, Death Knights.
10 The Story Thus Far Reinyan is back and sums up the first 3 episodes for those who might be joining this party late.
11 Demystifying MyRolePlay Reinyan is back to talk about one of his favorite addons, MyRolePlay. (Link to come)

Possible Future Topics

  • Quest lines and how they can shape your character's story.
  • Where to share your character arc