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Now that AIE has it's own Jabber chat up and running, you will want a way to use it. For that, you need a Jabber client. This guide walks you through setting up an account for AIE's Jabber service in Pidgin.


(Just click the "download now" button on the front page.)
  • Install the package
Default options are fine. Possible option adjustments include:
Spell check support (just pick the appropriate language, like 'English (Canada)')
The only URI handler you need for AIE Jabber is xmpp
Making sure you are using the correct username and password will help with Pidgin setup.

This guide was made using Pidgin 2.10.17 for Windows but other versions should be similar.

Setting up Pidgin

  • Run Pidgin

Running for the first time will display the following:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 01.png

  • Click the 'Add' button.

You'll get the 'Add Account' dialog:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 02.png

  • For 'Protocol' pick 'XMPP'
  • For 'Username' enter your UMAMI login name
  • For 'Domain' enter ''
  • For 'Password' enter your UMAMI password
  • Optionally, check 'Remember password'
  • Optionally, adjust your 'Local alias' (for example, adjusting capitalization can be done here.)
  • Click 'Add'

You may get the following certificate message:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 03.png

  • Click 'Accept' on the certificate message if you get one (Because: In Stigg We Trust)

You should now see the Accounts dialog with your AIE account set up:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 04.png

  • Click 'Close'

You should now see your 'Buddy List' main Pidgin window:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 05.png

  • Optionally, to see more members, select the menu item for Buddies -> Show -> Offline Buddies
  • Optionally, right click on 'Max', select 'IM' and say hi!

Next, you'll add the AIE chat rooms:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 06.png

  • Click 'Tools' -> 'Room List'
  • On the 'Room List' dialog click the 'Get List' button.

You should now see the 'Room List' dialog with a 'Conference Server' message:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 07.png

  • The default conference server should be correct. Click 'Find Rooms'

You should now see the 'Room List' dialog with a list of available AIE rooms:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 08.png

  • Click on 'greenwall' as your first room.
You could 'Join', but 'Add Chat' will typically work better since that will add the room to your 'buddy list' and give you the option to reopen the room automatically next time you run Pidgin.
  • Click 'Add Chat'

You should now see the Add Chat' dialog:
Jabber-pc-pidgin 09.png

  • Optionally select 'Autojoin when account connects.'
  • Optionally adjust your 'Handle' (to correct capitalization and whatnot)
  • Click 'Add'
Repeat for other rooms you want to add.
  • Click 'Close' on 'Room List' window.
  • Scroll to bottom of your 'Buddy List'
  • Double click on the 'greenwall' room
  • Say hi!

You should be completely set up at this point. If you have any questions you can always check in at or ask on the forums. Enjoy!

Advanced Topics

  • Tools -> Preferences
    • Use tabbed windows for multiple chat rooms
    • Adjust font for the chat window
    • Adjust sound alerts when users enter/leave or chat
  • Tools -> Plugins (Check out the many plugins available to customize Pidgin behavior)
    • Join/Part Hiding - this will eliminate the 'user joined' spam in busy rooms
    • Message Notification - will allow auto-restore of the Pidgin window or flashing tabs when chat happens so as not to miss messages.
    • Transparency - will allow a semi-transparent, always on top overlay you can have running over a game window