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We are a Normal/Heroic casual progression raid team that love to have fun and kill video game monsters together. Our goal is AOTC each tier, provided overall attendance and sanity allow it. :)

Raid Times

  • Saturday 12PM-3PM server time
  • Sunday 12PM-3PM server time


We keep track of our active roster in our own Discord. Discord info can be provided by any current PJFC member. We are pretty much always recruiting. DPS are always needed, and we do currently have tank spots up for grabs as well. In-game character contact is: Sinru


This is an easygoing group. We use Personal Loot. If something is an upgrade, keep it. If it is not an upgrade, we ask that you whisper it to the designated Loot Master for the raid and it will be posted to the raid and rolled on (1-100). This is to help everyone gear up better. If an item is not rolled on, the person who originally looted it can just vendor/scrap, or it can optionally be put up for transmog roll.


  • Legion: 7/7(N), 4/7(H) EN -- 3/3(N), 2/3(H) TOV -- 10/10(H) AOTC Nighthold -- 9/9(H) AOTC TOS -- 11/11(H) AOTC Antorus
  • BFA: 8/8(H) AOTC Uldir -- 7/9(H) BOD -- 1/2(N) COS -- 8/8(N), 3/8(H) EP