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Hunter crest.jpg
Pangó Ibn al Faustius
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Leatherworking Skinning
Guild alea iacta est

Physical Description

Pango is short by even blood elf standards; standing only 5’4” tall. Despite his small stature Pango looks much like a classic blood elf; slim, athletic and fair skinned. His short spiky red hair is offset of his jade green eyes.


The hunter by nature is a loner, more comfortable with his wild companions than others like himself. Pango is no exception. He is uneasy around those he does not know well and when he does interact with others he does so from the fringes preferring to observe first and than act.

There are times when his feels of duty and honor will outweigh his uneasiness and he will join his fellow Horde members on a campaign. Curiosity can also usher him into joining his comrades on some escapade. The opportunity to see new vistas, fight new foes or obtaining some exotic trinket will seem too good to pass up.

Once comfortable with others Pango will let down his guard. He loves to tell, or listen, to a good story. He loves a good laugh and has a wicked sense of humor. Despite untold hours in the wild he is well read and finds great enjoyment sitting by a fire, sharing ideas and drink, with someone who peaks his interest.

The Forsaken motto, “Patience. Discipline.” is often his own personal mantra. Whether it be hunting an rare and exotic beast or mastering a skill, time does not matter.

Character History

Work In Progress


Work In Progress


Pangó is played by User:Pango.