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About us

Nonsense and Shenanigans is a new raid group that is dedicated to running Ulduar with new 80's and alts who want some raiding experience and gear, but who don't quite have the time to dedicate to a hardcore raiding team. We are currently dedicated to bringing down the bosses while having a good time doing it! (If you are looking for hardmodes and achevements, we are not the group for you!)

Click here for the official forum post.


We run on Mondays at 8:30pm server time and ask that you be raid ready for invites which go out around 8:15pm. This means having your flasks, reagents, being repaired and ready to rock!

Loot rules

Loot is done by lootmaster rolls. Main spec roll first, based on the position you are playing that day, then offspec roll. We ask that people think twice before rolling on something if they've already won something that night, and we also honor the Gufoni Loot Martyr system, in which people decline to roll on what would be a small or negligible upgrade for them if it would be a massive upgrade for another raider. Spread the love and shiny around and everyone will enjoy it more.