No Pants and a Tie

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No Pants and a Tie is a Late Night Raiding Group. As of right now, we are a 10 man group. We hope to progress through all relevant content.


1.Trumble (Paladin Tank)
2.Barneystinsin (Warrior Tank)


1. Mechete(Resto Shaman)
2. Bacteen (Holy Paladin)
3. Borcu (Disc Priest)


1. Jeraal (Balance Druid)
2. Flickz (Hunter)
3. Beeskee (Rogue)
4. Outbrake (Frost DK)
5. Bullhorn (Warrior)

The add-ons that were going to require are as follows: Deadly Boss Mods, Atlas Loot, Omen.

We request that you watch the video of a boss on, Learn 2 Raid, or Fatboss at least once before attempting a boss.

We use Main Spec > Off Spec roles.

We currently are 8/8 Heroic in Dragon Soul, and finished Firelands with 6/7 heroic before moving on. Currently, we have put AIE Verendus in the 3rd spot on Earthen Ring according to

Keep your eyes on this raid group. We strive to be a AIE first raid group, and we were the first AIE Raid Group to down Ragnaros on 8/28/2011 at 11:58 PM, and the first to down the Madness of Deathwing on Normal difficulty on the 16th of December.