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Paladin crest.jpg
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Professions Mining Blacksmithing
Guild Alea Iacta Est


Mystmourne is a Blood Knight Paladin and, at least by her reckoning, the last surviving member of an old family line that fell from favor with the Blood Elf ruling class for their strong belief in the reunification of the Blood Elves with the Night Elves. She still harbors strong resentment for the way her family has been treated although she holds the Night Elves her fathers family favored with equal disdain. Her elder sister Mystwrath served under Ranger-General Sylvannas Windrunner and died defending the Inner Elfgate against Arthas and his undead horde as they advanced on Silvermoon. Arthas raised her and turned her into one of his most feared and hated Death Knights. After this loss of her sister and the betrayal her Death Knight embodiment represented, Mystmourne swore that her sister had died in the battle for Silvermoon and the abomination that was her raised corpse was no sister to her. She has sworn to kill Mystwrath, should their paths ever cross. Most attribute her animosity toward her sister to the death of a close personal friend at Mystwrath's hands. Mystwrath was serving under Arthas' at the time. Eventually she was able to break Arthas' control over her while serving under Darion Mograine at the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel.

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