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AIE Mumble Configuration – Windows Guide


  • An UMAMI account with an approved application associated with it.
  • Every AIE member has an UMAMI account, even if you joined before UMAMI
  • Don’t create a new UMAMI account if you lost or forgot your existing account details. Email Officers or contact an officer in-game for assistance.
  • If you simply forgot your password, reset it here:
  • Hint: The password reset email will also tell you your UMAMI username.
  • Note that your UMAMI username is probably not your character name.
  • The latest version of Mumble (currently 1.2.8 as of Dec2014)

Getting Started

  • Install Mumble using the wizard selecting the default options.
  • Optionally, set your Display Name in your UMAMI profile. So that you appear to other players in mumble by a name that they would know you by, rather than your umami username, you can modify your UMAMI profile:
  • Login to UMAMI:

  • Select profile from the menu at top right:
Mumble tute1.png

  • Your profile page will be displayed:
Mumble tute2.png

  • Click the update profile button
Mumble tute3.png

  • Enter a name in the Display Name field, then click Submit
Mumble tute4.png

Initial Mumble configuration:

  • Start Mumble and click next on the Audio wizard
Mumble tute5.png

  • Usually, the Default Device is correct. If you have multiple microphones, headsets, and speakers, select the devices you want to use from the dropdown.
Mumble tute6.png

  • You should hear audio giving you an example of speex
Mumble tute7.png

  • Talk into your microphone and adjust the bar as needed
Mumble tute8.png

  • It is highly recommended that you select “Push To Talk”. After checking the radio button, click in the box beside it, then press the key you want to use to talk.
Mumble tute9.png

  • Usually, default settings for Quality & Notifications are sufficient
Mumble tute10.png

  • Positional Audio is not relevant to Mumble for AIE
Mumble tute11.png

  • Finish!
Mumble tute12.png

  • AIE uses usernames and passwords, so just select the default certificate option:
Mumble tute13.png

  • Finish!
Mumble tute14.png

Adding the AIE server:

  • Click the “Add New…” button
	Mumble tute15.jpg

  • On your profile page
	Mumble tute16.png

  • Locate your username (see below)
	Mumble tute17.png

  • Enter the values as shown, but use your UMAMI username!
	Mumble tute18.png 

  • Click connect
 	Mumble tute19.jpg

  • If you have entered your UMAMI USERNAME correctly, the first time you connect, mumble will prompt you for your password. Enter your UMAMI Password.
 	Mumble tute20.png

  • Press Okay
  • Double-click a channel name to move to that channel
 	Mumble tute21.png

  • Notice that even though the username specified was “ashtest”, the name shown in mumble is “Ashmumble” – ie the value entered in UMAMI Display Name field.
  • If it won’t let you move channels, it is probably due to using the wrong UMAMI USERNAME.