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Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Warlock
Professions Jewelcrafting Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

Female.... unfortunetly very good looking...


Miy is a warlock from silvermoon, why are you asking these questions anyway. You know usually there is a dinner, candle light and maybe some small talk before people ask me for my lore...


Miy loves gold.. why? Well she is not really sure, her love of gold started a few months after an accident with the Mage Elrodan, and oddly enough so did some other strange urges, such as the love of pedicures and chocolate covered frost berries.


Miy started his life growing up in silvermoon city with his good friend Auro where eventually they decided to become mages. For many years he toiled to learn the many spells of magecraft with his diligence and hard work paying off when he was accepted as a apprentice with his good friend Auro to the famed Morphtologist Mage Elrodan.

While things went well for over a year, Elrodan became more and more peculiar as time went by. Then came the day which ended Miy's career as a mage. In the oddest of fashions, one day Elrodan exlaimed "I understand! It is the cheesecake!" and then he polymorphed Miy and Auro into women. Unlike most polymorph spells, there was no automatic reversal over time. Elrodan himself was all to pleased with the developement saying "The almighty cheesecake wants you to be beautiful women".

Hearing that in the depths of warlock study into demonology they had found a way to shift and change their own bodies at their will, Miy left her friend now named Aurosalia to try and find a way to revert to her original sex. Auro stayed saying that she would stay to try and reason with Elrodan to return her to his original state.

Though many years have passed since then, neither Miy nor Auro has found a way to return....