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<Midnight Munchies> is currently not Raiding.

We were a mostly-casual team. We raided from 12:30am - 3am Server time (9:30pm - 12am PST) which is perfect for West Coast night owls who can't be home in time to raid with East Coast teams, or anyone anywhere who is usually online then. At one point or another we raided on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday 12:30am - 3am server time.

Who We Are

<Midnight Munchies> was originally founded by Inuus during Patch 4.3 (Dragon Soul) to run early Cataclysm raid content before the launch of Mists of Pandaria. Leadership has shuffled a few times due to people having to leave the team for real-life reasons. Both Rowna and Adarystus have lead this team. Currently we are not raiding.


Rowna / Adarystus: Raid Leader


Nothing scheduled, 12:30pm-3:00am server (Eastern) time

Forum Threads


The number one rule of <Midnight Munchies> is that real life takes priority over Warcraft.


Loot is rolled on by raid participants on the basis of MS Need before OS Need before Greed/Shard, and handed out by the Master Looter.

AIE Membership

AIE Ventrilo access is a requirement for running with us. You can run with us with a non-AIE character, as long as you have a character in AIE and can access the AIE Ventrilo server. AIE member characters are given priority for roster slots; it doesn't matter (right now) which co-guild primary members belong to.

Mods & Preparation

Deadly Boss Mods, GTFO, or some other mod which yells at you to stop standing in the poo is required, as is being properly geared, gemmed, and reforged. Researching the fights beforehand (on Wowpedia, Tankspot, Icy Veins, the in-game Dungeon Journal, or some other source) is strongly recommended, but we will briefly go over our team's strategy before each fight if we've never done it before, or we have someone who has never done that fight with our team before.


Please RSVP to the in-game event listings; this will be the primary method for determining who will and will not be available on a given night. If you're a primary member and will be unavailable but can't RSVP in-game, let us know in the Coordination Thread or get in touch with one of the other primary members. Real life takes priority over Warcraft, but let us know as soon as you can if or when you will be unavailable so we'll know how many people to expect to have to find.


Mad props to our original founder, Inuus, and to our previous leader/main tank/strategist, Kamarag, as well as our current leader and former co-coordinator Rowna and current alternate leader Adarystus. Without them this team would never have existed. This team was the embodyment of the point that real life comes before WoW and raiding.