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Icon of the Scourge.jpg
Game Name


Race Undead
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Jewelcrafting
Guild alea iacta est

Before the Scourge

I do not remember much of my past before my life as a Forsaken but from the fragments of my memory I have managed to piece together what I know. I was once a human priest though I do not remember my name from that time. I was blessed by the light and traveled throughout the Eastern Kingdoms in the days of Lordearon before the foul plague that decimated the region. I find it a little troubling that I cannot remember much about my past. Though as a undead I do not dwell on tracking down my past. I sometimes feel the light. It's distant but it's there. It calls to me sometimes. I think other Forsaken can hear it too.

The Third War

After my time as a priest I have a void in my mind. I have little doubt that I was raised in Arthas undead army but I cannot remember any of the atrocities I may have committed. I have little doubt there are deeds that I may have participated in for which I need to atone.

The Mage

My first memory of being undead is awakening in Deathknell and being welcomed into the Forsaken by Isabella, a mage trainer assigned by the Banshee Queen herself to find those corpses with an aptitude for magic. She was key in recognizing the inate magic ability from within me and to help shape my decimated mind. The Undercity was already formed by the strongest of the Forsaken.I received the most basic training from Isabella and also induction into the Magic Quarter of the Undercity for further training. She seemed to sense my untapped potential and was often amazed at how quickly I picked up the spells and incantations of both fire and arcane. I felt an inate need to destroy. Anger raged inside of me and contributed to the potency of my magic. Isabella helped focus this energy into something that could be used. Without her I may have burned like a candle that could not be snuffed out. I chose to live in Deathknell longer than most and ventured out into Tirisfal Glade taking odd jobs and studying the way of the mage under Isabella who took me as an apprentice. Under her guidance I assisted her in the basic training of new mages into the ranks of the Forsaken. Isabella gave me my name, Mentor, and I continued to work, teach, study, and travel between Deathknell, Brill, and the Undercity on assignment from Isabella and others as I assisted in the battles with the Scarlet Crusade, minions of the Scourge, and the dreaded murlocs.

In about two years I had learned everything that Isabella and Bethor Iceshard could teach me. I was tasked to leave Deathknell and Tirisfal Glade and I chose to travel all throughout Azeroth in a quest to learn everything I could about magic and about myself.

Mentor & Sam

During this time I became not only a member of the Forsaken but also took my place as a member of the Horde. It's a very different concept. It's easy to be a member of the Forsaken and not take part in the pact made between our Queen and Thrall. However I recognized early on that staying one of his many adventures Mentor was sent on a quest to destroy dragon nests outside of Onyxia’s Lair in the Wyrmbog of Dustwallow Marsh. One of the eggs hatched during his quest and the dragon whelp looked up at him and Mentor could not bring himself to kill it. The dragon looked very different than the other whelps that plagued the area and it surprised Mentor when it spoke to him telepathically deep in his undead mind calling him Momma. He named this whelp Sam not realizing at first that the whelp was in fact a girl. He claims to this day that Sam was always intended to be short for Samantha.

Sam has a very different personality than that of her companion. She is self centered, egotistical, and lazy. She prefers sunning herself on a rock while Mentor is working on quests. She does absolutely no work but will always beg for presents when Mentor is in a village or capital city. Sam considers herself to be the daughter of Onyxia and the Aspect of love, peace, and harmony (She is completely lost on the history of her brood). She has never been confirmed as an aspect by any of the dragon’s Mentor has met though he has found over the years that dragons treat his flapping friend with a certain amount of respect and always call her by her full name Samantha. The dragon whelp learned a bit of magic from Mentor and her peers over the years as well as the ability to shape shift into a human woman with black hair and blue eyes.

Death Knighthood

Mentor returned to Azeroth after Illidan had been unseated from his throne in the Black Temple. He was mentally exhausted and retired to the village of Brill to sleep in the large restful cemetery there. Sam left him to go on a self discovery adventure of her own. When she returned to Brill a few months later she found the mage’s chosen crypt empty. She eventually learned that Mentor’s sleeping body had been harvested by the mindless Scourge in the area and taken into the Eastern Plaguelands. There he was reformed by the minions of the Lich King into a strong and powerful Death Knight. The Scourge took the retired mage and gave him a renewed purpose. They twisted his mind and filled it with hatred of all things living. Sam tried to stop his relentless killing of the men, woman, and children of New Avalon but Mentor defeated her and raised her again to fight at his side as a frost whelp companion. Mentor and Sam were united once again and served the Lich King until the fateful battle at the steps of Light Hope Chapel. Once on the sacred ground Mentor felt the power of the Light wash over his mind cleansing it and removing the maddening voice of the Lich King.


Mentor stopped attacking and was thrown by a Scourge Abomination inside of the chapel where he was confronted with the ghost of a dead priest who recognized Mentor as a fellow priest of Lordearon. The ghost further broke the grip of the Lich King on Mentor’s soul and also cleansed the mind of Sam in the process. Mentor helped his fellow Death Knight’s turn the battle and watched as the Lich King fled from the field in disgrace. Mentor has sword allegiance now to the Knight’s of the Ebon Blade. His knowledge of frost as a Mage has served him well and he has also mastered the arts of Blood and Unholy faster than his peers. He has regained his status in the Undercity and still returns to play chess with Isabella in Deathknell whenever he can get a chance. Sam stays by Mentor’s side and hates the nickname he gave her, Frosty. The dragon’s or the Wyrmrest temple still recognize Sam as one of their own and still give her the respect of her full name despite her transformation.

Mentor and Sam can be found throughout Northrend questing together with various parties while pursuing the Ebon Blade’s ultimate goal of killing the Lich King.