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the Argent Champion
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Professions Mining Jewelcrafting
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Mackathron is a Blood Elf Paladin, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Mackathron is quite an average Blood Elf; green eyes, 5'7", 120 lbs, her blond hair pulled back into a single pony tail. Her slim athletic build and long pointy ears are very typical of the Blood Elf race.

Like all Blood Elves, Mackathron was very much aware of what was fashionable and what she was wearing and how her hair looked at all times. While she was on Azeroth, she was able to get the most attractive clothing from the men she hired her services out to, as they were mostly used to seeing female orcs, undead, and tauren.

Unfortunately, when she moved on to the Outlands, she was unable to convince those hardened war veterans to make the same allowances for her. She considered herself lucky if she was able to even find armor of matching colors. For this reason, she was unable to bring herself to return to her hometown of Silvermoon City even to train, for fear of being mocked by her friends and family.

Mackathron eventually found her way to Northrend though, and between the lesson she learned in the Outlands and the fact that the Scourge in Northrend hit harder than anything she had seen before, Mackathron realized she cannot stay in the front of the fashion world while leading groups to kill some of the toughest leaders of the scourge. Mackathron gave up the revealing clothing to wear solid plate armor, the cold steel feeling so harsh on her skin. She also began to pull her hair back into a simple pony tail.

Character History

130 years ago, Mackathron was born in Silvermoon City to a Bloodthistle harvester and his wife. Mackathron began to learn her father's trade and began to learn the art of harvesting plants for market. When Mackathron was almost at adulthood, she was eligible to begin the training in the art of combat and adventuring. Through this training, she discovered her technique relied on manipulation of the light, and so the Elders of Silvermoon City introduced her to the path of the Paladins. During this time, she also began to hear horror stories of evil monsters they referred to as the Scourge. Most of Mackathron's friends and family trembled in fear of these monsters, but she wanted nothing more than to see one of these creatures and end its life.

On her 110th birthday, Mackathron was taken out to Sunstrider Isle, given enough equipment to begin her journey, and was told that it was time for her to put her training to the test. It was time for Mackathron to either sink or swim, and no amount of training on a target dummy in the town square would be able to determine that. She was told that she may return to Silvermoon City after 6 seasons, and at that point she could choose to either continue her father's line of work as a Bloodthistle harvester or continue her own journey towards Northrend to battle the Scourge in their own home. Six seasons later, Mackathron returned to Silvermoon City, but only to say her farewells to her family and friends.

After saying goodbye to everyone and everything she had come to love, Mackathron stepped out into Eversong Woods and looked out at what was ahead of her and what she would soon be experiencing. Eversong Woods with the Dead Scar, constantly reminding the Blood Elves what the Scourge is capable of, followed by the Ghostlands, where Mackathron befriended the people of Tranquillien, and then off to meet up with her other allies of the Horde. Mackathron continued traveling around the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor until eventually, after 58 seasons of adventuring, Mackathron found herself standing at the base of the Dark Portal.

Mackathron had heard rumors of a place like this, but had refused to believe any of them. It just seemed too far fetched that there was a magical transportation device in the middle of a desert. The stories told her that behind this portal were demons and other creatures that even the bravest men from back home were frightened of. And now, here she was; standing at the base of this mysterious Dark Portal, speaking to some of Azeroth's best military leaders, recieving instructions on how to reach Thrallmar. It was so very unreal to her. Trembling, she climbed the stairs and approached the Portal. Suddenly, she was pulled into the portal and within seconds, she found herself standing on a similar set of stairs in Hellfire Peninsula. Mackathron was in the Outlands.

And so, Mackathron had no choice but to battle the demons and horrors she had heard so much about, and quickly came to realize that the rumors and stories where very much over exaggerated. While these things were more difficult than anything she had battled before, the stories she had heard as a child did not compare to the actual things. She continued her journey through the Outlands, making friends and enemies along the way, but never staying in any location long enough to enjoy these new friends. After about 10 seasons, Mackathron grew tired of the demons and decided it was time to see the Scourge she had been waiting so long to see. Soon enough, Mackathron found herself standing on the zeppelin headed towards Warsong Hold.

Upon arriving in the Borean Tundra, Mackathron knew she needed many upgrades for her equipment before battling any of the Scourge monsters she had heard about, and so she traveled around the Tundra, offering her services to anyone who required aid. She then traveled to Howling Fjord and did the same thing, helping to create and test some new poison that she was told would help eradicate the Scourge. Eventually, she moved on to Dragonblight and began a journey to defeat the Lich King himself at the Wrathgate. It was a long process, but eventually all the troops from both the Horde and the Alliance were in place to begin the battle. The Lich King was summoned, and the battle began.

Unfortunately far all involved, some members of the Forsaken decided that they wanted to change the odds a bit and create their own team. From high in the cliffs, barrels of the poison that Mackathron had just help to create and test were launched into the battle ground, instantly killing many great war heros, and allowing the Lich King to escape. The battle had been lost, a war broke out in the Undercity itself, and the truce between the Alliance and the Horde was lost. When Mackathron realized all of this was because of something she had created, she decided it was time to leave the fighting to the true war heroes and she would retire to Grizzly Hills.

Hiding from her past, and relaxing in Grizzly Hills gave Mackathron time to think, and time to realize that she was not to blame for the events at the Wrathgate, and that if she had not been the one to help the Forsaken, it would have been any other member of the Horde who would have helped. When Scourge forces were discovered in Grizzly Hills, Mackathron decided it was time for her to come out of retirement and the Horde needed her more than the people of Conquest Hold needed her. Mackathron left Grizzly Hills, battled her way through Zul'Drak, Storm Peaks, and eventually Icecrown itself. Now, after 80 seasons of adventuring, Mackathron is ready to destroy the Scourge armies and their terrifying leaders.

In Combat

Mackathron began her journey towards Northrend following the training of the Retribution paladins. Slicing and dicing her way through Azeroth and the Outlands, Mackathron quickly found herself standing on the zeppelin on it's way towards Warsong Hold.

Now in Northrend, Mackathron continued her training with her fellow Retribution paladins, but she began to want more than just slicing her way through the Scourge. Mackathron no longer wanted to just hack her way though fields of Scourge armies. She wanted to lead groups of other adventurers through battle to kill leaders of the Scourge.

Mackathron began to search for pieces of equipment that would help defend her as she tore through the enemies, and upon reaching the 80th season of adventuring, sought out the advice of a great paladin. She went to Master Pyreanor in Orgrimmar and was trained to be a first class Protection Paladin.

Mackathron now fearlessly uses the powers of the light to lead her companions into battle, absorbing damage like a sponge, and slaying some of the most powerful leaders of the Scourge Invasion.

Connections to other Characters

Mactwinky - Mackathron's first addition to her band of brave adventurers is a young hunter named Mactwinky. The two met one day while both browsing in the Orgrimmar Auction House. Mactwinky was very interested in her tales of Northrend, and Mackathron was equally interested in his tales of battle with the Alliance. They began simple correspondence, and eventually Mackathron agreed to help finance Mactwinky's fight against the Alliance. As Mackathron prefers not to battle the Alliance herself, she has been living vicariously through the tales of Mactwinky's adventures in the Warsong Gulch battle front.

Views on Other Races and Factions

While Mackathron naturally dislikes and cannot fully trust any members of the Alliance, due to her standing with the Horde, she has never faced a member of the Alliance in combat. Rather than see them as a vile faction that must be exterminated, she sees them as a necessary evil, as she doubts the Horde alone is strong enough to destroy the entire Scourge army. She has decided not to take part in the extermination of the Alliance, but she still does take much pleasure in reading reports of Horde victories in the battlefields.

As for other factions and races, Mackathron holds no very strong loyalties to any particular groups. Obviously, she favors the Horde, and would never betray them. However, there are few other factions Mackathron feels the urge to work on earning the trust of. She sees herself more as a mercenary, and will raise loyalties only with those factions that offer her an acceptable reward for her loyalty.

Mackathron's Exalted Factions - (13/40):

  • Argent Crusade
  • Argent Dawn
  • Darkspear Trolls
  • Horde Expedition
  • Kirin Tor
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade
  • Orgrimmar
  • Silvermoon City
  • Sunreavers
  • Thunder Bluff
  • Tranquillien
  • Undercity
  • Wyrmrest Accord


Mackathron is played by User:Mackathron.

Mackathron would like to thank OMF for his formatting and lore tips.