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MXCoriginal 80.png
Marcus Xan Crug Originalus
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Professions Engineering Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

Marcus Xan Crug Originalus is an average-sized orc, weighing at about 258 pounds and 6'8". His firey red beard is a gene passed down from his father, along with his dark blue eyes.


MXCoriginal is an awkward character. For starters, he has a constant fear of sneezing inside his helmet, to the point at which he refuses to wear helms, and stick with hats(preferably his Brown Brewfest Hat). He is also deftly afraid of mages.

He also has a bad reputation with the Blood Elves, which rivals his reputation concerning the Alliance, namely the gnomes. This may be due to several skirmishes with the high elves about 3-5 months before Sylvanas was killed.

A confrontation with a centaur clan left him without a sense of smell.


Marcus Xan Crug Originalus was born in a small orc village located in Dun Morogh. It was a peaceful village, who often traded with Dwarf merchants.

Marcus' birthland of Dun Morogh.


As a child, Marcus's father taught him how to use an axe in the forest, to which he quickly mastered. He loved to wander about in the forest behind the village, and dreamed of one day venturing past the mountains he woke up to each morning. The Dwarves were what most fascinated him, though. They were only slightly bigger than himself, and yet decades older. They were unlike anything he'd ever seen before. The dwarven translator always had a story to tell with the older members of the village, and young Marcus would sneak under the caravan every now and then to listen to their stories of faraway lands where you didn't need to wear a woolen shirt every day and places where the beasts grew to be bigger than a human!

Of course, eventually he learned of the constant fighting between the orcs and the humans, but his little village was in the middle of nowhere, and the thought of people hating each other to the point of murder confused his young mind.

Early teens

After his eleventh birthday, Marcus began to discuss his dreams of exploration with his father and the village elder. Of course, due to his age they were skeptical and sought out to protect him and the other children from the threats posed by the outside world. However, it was his mother who saw something in him. In his eyes was a longing to explore, not the eyes of a magician or a monk, or a merchant, but a warrior. They were the eyes of his grandfather, who once aided in the defense of his home town for three days from an entire clan of ogres, who fought without remorse. She saw those eyes in her son. Young Marcus was not destined for the village.

Although the dwarven traders begrudgingly refused to take a 14 year-old orc child with them on one of their treks north, after much bribery and a free chicken they eventually settled on dropping him off with a small, northern-borne troll caravan in Loch Modan to avoid and possible confrontation with humans, before being on their way. To this day, Marcus has never returned to his original home.

Late teens

A rough sketch of a younger Marcus.

At age 15, MXCoriginal had grown to enjoy hunting for food with the tribe. They mostly hunted boars, but when possible, they would hunt larger game, such as raptors and bears. He also learned how to properly skin animals.

Marcus had his first encounter with humans at age 17. After a long day of trekking through the Arathi Highlands in the rain, they stopped for the night not too far from the side of a road. Unbeknownst to them, they were being followed by a band of human mercenaries for some time, and they picked that night to stage their assault. MXCoriginal awoke to a troll sitting on a stool in the tent, broken axe in one hand, the end of an arrow in the other, which was protruding from the right side of his torso. In his agony, he noticed the orc during a loud crack of thunder and kicked a shield towards him, and gestured towards the mountains in between shrieks of pain. When Marcus tried to disobey the troll and fight, the troll smacked him across the face with the handle of his axe, and continued to point away from the fighting as he was coughing up blood. After taking the hint, he shouldered the shield, crawled under the back of the tent, and ran, disoriented, away from the now burning camp.

He awoke the next day in a cave, covered in dried mud, and with nothing but the clothes on his back and his shield. The trolls had passed their survival skills on to him, and he knew that he could survive for years as long as the game was good enough and he had a place to hide. He spent the next year and a half trekking nightly west to the Foothills, where he built a shack high in the mountains north of Durnholde Keep, where the game was much larger, at least in his eyes.

Becoming a Warrior

After the Second War, Marcus took note of the increasing orc internment camps around Durnholde. Soon, The Internment camps began to grow to the point where MXCoriginal could no longer hunt safely during the night for food.He had disguised his shack well enough so that the patrols passed it on as just another large bush. He found himself living off of the various rodents in the area. He would be lucky to find any time when he would be able to climb down and pick off a boar or two to feed himself for a week. He spent most of his time observing the camps, and taking note of the captured orcs' actions, most notably the strange withdrawals that they were going through. He contemplated giving himself up to the humans, but each time he was reminded of the attack when he was 17 and pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

Thrall's siege of Durnholde came as a huge opportunity to Marcus. On the day of the attack, MXCoriginal snuck into Thrall's forces and aided in the fighting. At first he had his simple tools he used to hunt, but a quick deflection from a shield tore his axe apart. The human thrust his sword downward, barely missing him. He quickly rolled to the side, jumped to his feet, and threw himself at the human, slamming the human's head into the ground. The adrenaline surged within him as he grabbed the dead human's sword and shield, and continued the fight. By the end of the battle, Marcus was wearing human boots, bracers and gloves(all of them bloodstained), not to mention the bloody sword and axe he held in each hand. It didn't take him long to notice that there were three arrows dug into the shield over his back, which the troll kicked to him when he was younger.

Obviously, it didn't take long for Thrall to notice the red-headed, hairy orc wearing armor that was way to small for him. Thrall questioned the orc, and was amazed at how he managed to evade capture for soo long with no idea where he was or what was happening. It was by this time that Marcus realized that he had absolutely no idea what was going on around him. He was quickly brought into Thrall's army as a grunt, thoroughly educated on what exactly was happening and what happened to lead up to the then current events.


MXCoriginal hitched a ride with Grom Hellscreams' party as they shipped west to Kalimdor in his neverending love for exploration, but he ended up riding with one of the other ships after the brief marooning in the Maelstrom, where he befriended a troll by the name of JimCorleone.

Upon landing on the shores of Kalimdor, Marcus was dumbfounded by the change of scenery. He felt a strange sense of belonging in this arid land, a feeling he had never previously known. He fell in love with the land, and developed an immediate respect for the Tauren, which was followed by an almost instant hatred for the centaurs. He took great strides to hunt down the many centaur clans in The Barrens, many times on his own, due to their hostility to the Tauren and his fellow orcs. In his rage he was nearly overwhelmed in a confrentation with the centaurs, which was when he somehow lost his sense of smell entirely.

When the Burning Legion reached Kalimdor, on one of his many scouting expiditions in Ashenvale, Marcus came upon a group of humans who were combatting a group of satyrs. Though the human group was obliterated, he was impressed by the way the humans fought as a team, and he wasn't surprised when Thrall allied his forces with Jaina Proudmore. Though his hatred for the humans still burns, he is unable to get the reminder of the human-orc alliance out of his head.

After the defeat of the Burning Legion, MXCoriginal aided in the construction of Orgrimmar temporarily, but as soon as the oppourtunity arose, he dropped his hammer and sought out exploring the vast landscape around him. For the longest time he resided in the Crossroads, but eventually found refuge in the harsh desert land of Tanaris.


Upon the death of Araj the Summoner, Marcus received an urgent letter from Nazgrel of Thrallmar, ordering all able bodies to aid in the fight with the Burning Legion on the other side of the Dark Portal. Having already packed for Winterspring, MXCoriginal changed his plans and rode straight for the portal.

On the other side it was madness. Again he felt the urge for battle, but was reminded that he was needed elsewhere. Realizing that both factions had the situation under control, Marcus took his orders and boarded a flight to Thrallmar. Quickly adapting to his environment, he used his past teachings to be ever vigilant for possibly sneak attacks from Fel Reavers, and memorized their paths quickly.

MXCoriginal found his home in Nagrand. Having always taken the hard way without the proffered gear, he at one point managed to retake the entirety of Halaa from the Alliance on his own. He layed siege to the ogres of the region, and enjoyed hunting with Nestingwary. However, he noticed that Garrosh lacked certain traits that he had seen in Grom during the war.

Eventually, MXC met up with his old friend, Rexxar in Blades' Edge Mountains. There he finished his tour of duty with the death of the last relative of Gruul. Again, he was given direct orders, this time back to Azeroth, to do battle with the Scourge yet again.

Current Status

Marcus finds himself regularly fighting in the many instances of Northrend, further equipping himself for the fight against Arthas, where he hopes to either be or be witness to the death of the Lich King.

Views on other Races and Factions

  • Orcs

MXC has shown widespread approval for his fellow orcs, and is always one to jump headfirst into a fight, but unlike the image he has set for himself, he knows when to step aside and wait. For this reason, he has never sided with the overly arrogant and small-brained son of Grom, and has been an ally of Thrall since the begining. He loves the aloneness presented when he first washed up on the shores of Durotar, and prefers to fight alone.

  • Humans

Marcus has mixed feelings towards the humans. On one hand, he finds their choices arrogant and racist, but on the other hand, he continues to run into humans, like Tirion Fordering, who understand the payoff of peace to fight a larger threat. He couldn't help but feel equal while under the ranks of the Argent Crusade, but fears he will eventually have to put down his recent allies. The imprisoning of the orcs leaves a bad taste in his mouth, along with the stupidity of humans such as Garithos, King Varian Wrynn and the former prince Arthas.

  • Blood Elves(Formerly High Elves)

Regardless of what they think of him and what his friends think of them, MXCoriginal sees no reason to trust a bloodelf. The way he sees it, what reason is there for them to stay on the side of the Horde? What's stopping them from betraying yet another faction to go on their own treks?

  • Dwarves

Marcus enjoys the companty of the Dwarves. Their arrogance, their rowdyness, constant drunkenness and love of battle gives Marcus no reason to fight them. He regrets every dwarf slain by his hand as he does every orc. He sees no wrong done by the king of the dwarves, and looks to them as the only shining light of the Alliance.

  • Gnomes

(Gonna gonna gonna gonna WAI-haaaiit, for me to write iiiiit)

  • Trolls

(Be paitient, mon)

  • Draenei

(Raises hand in the 'Wait' position)

  • Undead

(Their dead, so they can wait awhile)

  • Night Elves

Marcus Holds no pity for the Night Elves, spare the druids. He believes Tyrande was ignorant in freeing Illidan, and should have listened to Malfurion. He sees the druids as the true leaders of the Night elves.

  • Tauren

Although clueless on their history, MXC finds them to be a very peaceful race, having encountered very few hostile Tauren in his travels. He sees Cairne as an older version of Thrall in a way, although he doesn't understand their weak reputation with the Trolls.