Little Lunk-Tusk Urban Achievers

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Our Mission

The Little Lunk-Tusk Urban Achievers is a weekly world PvP raiding group that seeks to gain glory and honor for Alea Iacta Est and to reign pain and suffering down upon the Alliance.


The raid leaders and primary offenders are Helloise and Stigg. Any member of AIE is welcome to participate, but individual weekly objectives may have level or mount requirements.


We will pick our objectives from submitted ideas from the members. The weekly objective will be kept secret until the raid is formed.


The raid invitations will go out between 21:00 and 22:00 server time on Tuesday night.


Have you heard a gnome death knight's voice? Do we really need any more of a reason?


PvP objectives will be chosen from among the suggestions and ideas that are sent to by our members. Plans for each week's raid will be laid in advance. While we may offer some predetermined alternatives and make minor corrections along the way, we will not be redesigning overall strategy during the raid.

Bear Mounts?

Durn skippy! We'll be working on getting as many members bear mounts as possible. However, we will not be concentrating wholly on the For the Horde! achievement. Raids for this particular objective will be done at random and we may only attack some of the cities on a week when we do.

Please post here if you are interested in joining us!