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If you want access to the guild-wide Jabber chat server on the go with your Android device,


This guide was made using Jabiru for Android but other versions should be similar.

Setting up Jabiru to use the AIE Jabber account

  1. Launch Jabiru, then press Menu and choose Accounts
  2. Click the Add Accounts Option
  3. Give the account a name, here we used AIE Jabber but you may name it as you wish, then Click OK
  4. Tap on AIE Jabber to open the Account settings (Note: You don't need to check it. )
  5. First check Active
  6. Tap Jabber ID and enter your UMAMI username and add @aie-guild.org, so afterwards it should look like username@aie-guild.org
  7. Tap Password and enter your UMAMI password
    You can leave all the other settings as default.
  8. Press the Back button, and confirm AIE Jabber is checked.
  9. Press Back once more, then Click on the Jabiru Bird to attempt a connection to the server.
  10. If all goes well, you should see the following screen.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Android device to the AIE Jabber service!

Joining a Group Chat room

  1. Press Menu and choose Conference
  2. Now enter the Host Server, Room you would like to join and Nickname you would like to be known as.
    1. Host: the AIE Jabber server, conference.aie-guild.org
    2. Room: the chat room name you want to enter (Reminder: GreenWall is the main chat room and is a general chat room for all games.)
    3. Nick: your nickname and what everyone else in the room will see
    4. Password: leave blank unless you're entering a password protected room
    Jabirustep11.png Jabirustep11a.png
    Helpful Hint: Click Add to save the chat room to your bookmarks for quick access later
  3. Click Join to join the chat room
    Jabirustep12.png Jabirustep13.png
  4. Press the Member list button next to the text input box to see current members in the room.
    Jabirustep14.png Jabirustep14a.png