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== Retired ==

We are a casual later evening (night) raiding team. Our members have a sense of adventure, fun - and (sometimes bad) sense of humor.

Those that alt with us often are more likely to be offered a slot later. We have become a bonded group and like to run with those we know - especially during progression. We are about to start progression into Ulduar.

We are looking for heals - shaman heals would be ideal

We are a late night raiding team. Our raiding schedule will be Mondays and Thursdays with invites going out at 11:30 server.

Here is a copy of our current member roster:

MT: Phoexina

OT: Angerrizing

MH: Hugus

OH: Weaksclaw

DPS/Emergency Heal: Orgrimaul

DPS: Gummibearz

DPS: Mannfred

DPS: Arkata

DPS: Vrah

DPS: Shavonne

ALT list :

We are very laid back and enjoy a good laugh. Come join the fun!

Loot Type: Suicide Kings (KSK)


           Obsidian Sanctum - October 23  2009 - CLEAR
           Naxx - CLEAR - Nov 9
                  Arachnid Quarter - October 27 2009 - CLEAR
                  Construct Wing - CLEARED - Nov 3
                  Plague Wing - CLEARED - Nov 3
                  Military Wing - CLEARED - Nov 9
           Eye of Eternity - CLEARED - January 14

           Ulduar - Flame Leviathan - December 7
                   XT-002 - December 7
                   Ignis - January 8

           TOC -    Beasts of Northrend : Clear - January 11
                   Lord Jaraxxus: Clear - January 11
                   Faction Champions: Clear - January 11
           Icecrown - Marrowgar - January 21

Required Add ons: Deadly Boss Mods and Omen

(Header photo provided graciously by our own Mannfred! Thank you Mannfred!)