Good To The Last Drop

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Good To The Last Drop

Kingslayers, Baby! That is all.. continute =)

Good to the Last Drop is a casual progression 10 man group, raiding weekday mornings (created April 2010). We are a fun group that tries to down the latest content while not taking ourselves too seriously. Last Drop people come prepared with food and flasks and the desire to do everything we can to make progress. We also come with the expectation of a having a good time without any "ass-hattery". We are learning as we go many times and we pride ourselves on keeping the stress of that to a minimum, treating each other with respect. We have so far been quite able to laugh with each other even at our worst moments!

We occasionally mix in older content as fun diversion for mounts or just to experience it again or for the first time for some! The "heritage" content isn't our main focus and we don't spend too much time on it, it's just there to throw a little extra spice for a short time, instead of constant grinding in one raid.

Note: We do have an alt guild bank to share raiding items. Contact Zhug (alt is Rokshok or Freewater) for invites. Please have an authenticator too!