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Githar Thorsen
Game Name


Race Undead
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Professions Mining Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

(Work in progress)


(Work in progress


The Awakening

Githar woke to the sound of dripping water and a musty decay smell that almost seemed sweet to him. He felt the coolness of stone against his back as he lay. He did not attempt to move. His head was pounding and any attempt to formulate a thought sent shockwave through his mind. He just lay there, unable to see, unable to think. Darkness overtook his consciousness.

Slowly the pounding in his head began to subside. He still dared not move. He opened his eyes. Shapes and shadows intertwined with each other, dancing a beautiful, delicate ballet. The shapes and shadows began to dissolve into something more substantial, more meaningful. To his horror, he realized what they were giving way to before him...corpses.

Corpses lay everywhere he could see in his limited field of vision. He tried to recoil, but as he moved, agony shot through is body. A feeling of ripping flesh and muscle tearing permeated every fiber of his being. He closed his eyes and sobbed.

He heard movements. Two, possible three beings were moving towards him. He hoped they were human, but dreaded it may be wolves looking for a quick meal. He then heard them speak.

In a strained voice that sounded unnatural, the first said, "Osdread, I think one made it. Come over here and help me with him."

"I'll be right there, Torfen."

Torfen and Osdread lifted Githar off the stone floor and dropped him in a wheel barrel. Githar noticed his limbs held their position, as if he still laid on the floor.

Torfen began pushing on Githar's midsection, "Damned pitiful creatures. They never cooperate when they are first freed."

Githar suddenly felt a searing pain go through his abdomen and back. He felt his body slump to a sitting position in the wheel barrow. His head began to spin. The sounds of his surrounding and Torfen's speech started to sound thick and heavy. He couldn't make out anything the two said to each other any longer.

"Please, make the pain stop!" Githar's thoughts pleaded as he neared unconsciousness. "Please, stop the pain!"

He gave way to the darkness and dreamt...

He saw a banshee, or what he thought was a banshee, before him. She was beautiful and hypnotizing. He felt no pain and was at peace while he watched her.

She glided towards him. She looked deep into his eyes. He felt her look into his very soul and she smiled.

"Githar," her face softened even more, "I am Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. You are home. You are now one of us...You are Forsaken."