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Our roster is currently full, but we are currently looking for backups for any role.

Raid Times

Tuesdays and Sundays from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM Server Time.

Raid Progression

Heart of Fear - 16% Complete (1/6)

Mogu'shan Vaults - 67% Complete (4/6)

Dragon Soul - 175% Complete (6/8H)

Firelands - 100% Complete (7/7)

Throne of the Four Winds - 100% Complete (2/2)

Blackwing Descent - 100% Complete (6/6)

Bastion of Twilight - 100% Complete (4/4)

Current Roster

Trials in Italics


Kopernikus (Blood Death Knight)
Kouta (Protection Warrior)


Bridik (Holy Paladin)
Guise (Disc Priest)
Babbalou (Resto Shaman)


Podyn (Windwalker Monk)
Shikken (Enhancement Shaman)
Foojshotz (Beast Mastery Hunter)
Tyllian (Demonology Warlock)
Naoise (Survival Hunter)


How to Join

If you are interested in filling a position on the team, post in our thread.

Candidates will go through a two week probationary period before being added to the roster.

Loot System

We use a Suicide Kings loot distribution system with two lists, main spec and off spec. Information on how this system works can be found here. The optional addon to track the list can be found here.


Deadly Boss Mods and Mumble are required to raid.

We are part of the co-guild invictus. All raid members are requested to join but not required

We also have an in-game chat channel that all team members can join, [GnS]. This is optional, and is just a place for us to chat outside of raid times.

Our World of Logs parses can be found here.

Invites for our raid nights will go out 15 minutes before scheduled raid times. Please be on time.

If you are not on by raid start time and have given no notice, we will pug your spot. If you let us know you'll be late, we'll wait up to 15 minutes for you before pugging your spot.

Please have your gear properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged by raid time. If you can't afford the best gems and enchants, use cheaper versions.

If you can't make a raid night, just post here beforehand and respond appropriately in the calendar invite. Real life will always have priority over World of Warcraft, but as this is a team game we need to know about absences as early as possible in order to find replacements.

Raiding can be very difficult. Please know the scheduled fights before raiding.