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Alliance Killer
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est


This is the tale of a lowly hunter that was born in a rat infested shack on the south side of the Xroads. His father Makara was a warrior of no renown and his mother Uchchaih cleaned the stables for Sikwa.

Uchchaih was the first to notice that all of the animals liked the little Orc. Makara wanted his son to be a warrior and pushed the the young orc to learn the way of the blade. Whenever the young Orc, Fuskami had any free time he would head to the stables to see the animals that had become his Friends. It was at one of these times when the alliance decided to attack. He wacthed as Makara was useless in the defense of the crossroads and overrun. Uchchaih died defending the animals she cared for. She saved fuskami by putting him on the back of black lion.

The lion took Fuskami to his pride. Fuskami was accepted and started to learn the ways of the lions. He was not seen for years at the Crossroads. With the Crossroads in ruins, all thought that he had died in the raid. They all were surprised when an orc hunter and a black lion showed up to help defend his old home. The only one that remembered him was Sikwa. You see, it was Sikwa that had named the black lion Humar so many years ago.

Vital Statistics