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Focus Magic is a series of segments created by Dahkar, aka Old Man Franks for The AIE Podcast which are all about Advice and tips for playing Mages.

BIG HONKING GIANT DISCLAIMER: All of this information was correct and current at the time of recording. It may be out of date at present time. It will not be updated to be current as newer patches come out, these shownotes are kept for historical purposes. I will put up a seperate page with up-to-date current information on the Mage class in the future. You have been warned.

Episode List

Segment Number Title Description
1 Spell Hit OMF goes over the Spell hit cap; what it is, why you want it, and how to get it.
2 Arcane in the Endgame OMF talks about how to play, gear, gem, and glyph out an Arcane Mage for endgame raiding.
3 Leveling Your Mage (as Frost) OMF discusses the best way to level a mage. Hint: It's FROST, DURNIT!
4 Q&A OMF answers your mage questions!
5 Patch 3.1 How 3.1 changed things for the mage class
6 New Mage Grouping How to do instance groups as a new mage not used to it!
7 Fire Specs In one of his most favorite segments yet, OMF covers the fire tree and how to make it awesome
8 Profession Choices Talking about the various professions and what you should take for your mage
9 Buffs and Debuffs In this segment, OMF talks about the various buffs and Debuffs mages provide to groups and raids, as well as what other classes provide for us
10 Mage Addons Covering the various Mage-Specific addons out there!
11 Patch 3.2 and What We Love and Hate This segment covers Patch 3.2's changes to the mage class and what your fellow guildies love and hate about playing a Mage.
12 Roleplaying: Backstories In the first of hopefully many future segments covering roleplaying, OMF talks about creating a good backstory.
13 Patch 3.2.2 How Patch 3.2.2 changed things for Mages
14 Race Changes and More! This segment covers Race Changes for mages, previews Patch 3.3, and more!
15 5 Things Every Mage Should Do OMF talks about 5 things he thinks every mage should try. This segment has no show notes.
16 The New Frost! OMF covers the changes to the Frost spec in patch 3.3 and how it might be endgame viable now.
16 I feel Pretty, Oh so pretty! OMF covers how to gem and enchant your new mage.