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The Filthy Casuals are a 'casual', once a week, normal/heroic mode raid team in the <alea iacta est salus>* co-guild. We raid Tuesday nights from 20:00 to 23:00 EST. The team goal is to see and complete raiding content while it is current. Though casual in name and attitude, we expect members to be proficient at their chosen class and raid role, to be prepared and prompt for raids, and to bring their a-games and positive attitudes.

For information on current recruiting needs, please see our most current recruitment thread.

To see if the Filthy Casuals raid team is right for you, please ask your doctor or see our raid team coordination thread.

*Previously in <alea iacta est invictus> until the desire for a larger pool of same-guild raiders prompted a change in sub-guilds (March, 2016).

Raid Team Resources

Gear Spreadsheet (Google Docs)
Warcraft Logs
Ask Mr. Robot Logs

Tier 19 Progression

Difficulty Emerald Nightmare
Nythendra Elerethe Renferal Il'gynoth Ursoc Dragons of Nightmare Cenarius Xavius
Normal 9/20/2016 9/20/2016 9/27/2016 9/27/2016

Tier 18 Progression

Difficulty Hellfire Citadel
Hellfire Assault Iron Reaver Kormrok Hellfire High Council Kilrogg Deadeye Gorefiend Shadow-Lord Iskar Socrethar Fel Lord Zakuun Xhul'horac Tyrant Velhari Mannoroth Archimonde
Heroic 12/1/15 12/1/15 12/1/15 12/1/15 12/1/15 12/8/15 1/5/16 4/19/16 4/12/16 3/23/16 5/10/16 2/23/16 5/10/16
Normal 6/30/2015 6/30/2015 6/30/2015 7/14/2015 8/26/15 9/2/15 9/9/15 9/30/15 9/30/15 10/28/15 9/30/15 11/11/15 11/24/15

Tier 17 Progression

Difficulty Blackrock Foundry
Gruul Oregorger Hans'gar and Franzok Beastlord Darmac Flamebender Ka'graz Kromog Operator Thogar The Iron Maidens The Blast Furnace Blackhand
Normal 2/4/15 3/28/15 3/4/15 3/4/15 4/1/15 5/6/15 5/6/15 6/3/15 6/24/15 6/30/15

Difficulty Highmaul
Kargath Bladefist The Butcher Tectus Brackenspore Twin Ogron Ko'ragh Imperator Mar'gok
Heroic 12/16/2014
Normal 12/4/2014 12/4/2014 1/13/2015 1/6/2015 12/16/2014 1/21/15

Team Officers & Raid Leaders

Jaricko - Raid Leader
Heirbuch - Officer
Lutra - Officer

Current Roster

Tank: Belinos
Tank: Jaricko
Tank/DPS: Lutra
Healer: Blackfayth
Healer: Ganga
Healer: Heirbuch
Healer: Rasklyn
Healer/DPS: Loocivar
DPS: Aureila
DPS: Diddious
DPS: Drezarn
DPS: Lothria
DPS: Golrak
DPS: Illsiador
DPS: Kanari
DPS: Laelaps
DPS: Shimmeredge
DPS: Streetch
DPS: Ysaw
DPS: Yulong

Other Stuff

[Air Horns]
Hey slugger
Don't be that guy/You're all studs/Jarickoisms
Red left, blue right