Epic Newbs

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Epic Newbs

Epic Newbs is a progression raid team within the AIE community.


Our schedule is not entirely set at this time. We are looking to raid 2-3 nights a week from around 8:00pm server time to 11:00pm server time.


  1. Artia - Holy Paladin
  2. Kastella - Holy Priest
  3. Kawyg - Elemental Shaman
  4. Theiel - Combat Rogue
  5. Opoh(Levelling) - Restoration Druid* - Spot temporarially open
  6. (Open - Tank)
  7. (Open - Tank)
  8. (Open - Melee DPS)
  9. (Open - Ranged DPS)
  10. (Open - Ranged DPS)


Recruitment is shown by class.

  1. Death Knight - Open, Prefer Frost DPS
  2. Druid - Open*
  3. Hunter - Open
  4. Mage - Open
  5. Paladin - 1 Spot, Protection
  6. Shaman - Open*
  7. Warlock - Open
  8. Warrior - Open
  • - We are looking for 1 healer, either shaman or druid, who is willing to fill a temporary spot then transition to a backup role.

Preferences: We prefer a Warrior and Paladin for tank roles, though we are open to other classes. We are in need of a Frost DPS Death Knight. Having frost as the main talent specialization is not required, but familiarity with the play of a Frost Death Knight is necessary.

Backup Spots

We would like to have 1 backup tank, 1 backup healer, and 2 backup DPS. If you are interested in requesting a backup spot please let Kastella know.


We require only two additions to the standard World of Warcraft client.

  1. Deadly Boss Mods (or alternative raid/boss addon)
  2. Ventrilo


Like many other teams within AIE, we make use of the Suicide Kings looting system. This system is not based on the luck of random /roll results, it is an organized and predictable system for getting as many people equipment as possible in a fair and non-random way. You do not need an addon for this, it is taken care of by the raid leader.