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Dojo of Awesome (DoA)

30-Man Normal/Heroic BFA Raid Team in WoW


  • Saturday Nights, 8pm to 11pm server time
  • Sunday Nights, 8pm to 10pm server time


This raid team is composed of our raid group Dojo of Awesome, our former raid group Sushi Ninjas, our friends, and fellow AIE members. If you are interested in joining our team, please ping Syreyne or Ellynn in AIE Discord. All raid members must be members of AIE or close friends willing to follow AIE policies. We use DoA Discord for voice comms for raids. Having a mic is preferable, but if there is a problem with that, please let us know. Please be gemmed and enchanted and have back-up food and flasks.

We aren't looking at this as a hard-core group, but this will be a PROGRESSION group. It will also be a fun, enjoyable group.

Anyone applying must have an AIE guild tag (or an active good standing toon in AIE).


We are home to the Libertas co-guild. Let us know if you need to switch guilds. We are members of the Raid Team Bank initiative which means we have use of the 8th bank tab in Libertas. New members to the team must pass a trial period before being promoted to the DoA raid rank.


The only add-ons we require right now are Omen and DBM. Exorsus Raid Tools and Weak Auras are also recommended. Please make sure they are up-to-date before each raid. Another good add-on is GTFO if you need reminders for not standing in the bad.


We will be using the in-game calendar for raid invites. Please accept, tentative, or decline as needed. if you need to decline on any given night, please send me a message in game or post on in DoA Discord just so we know to hold your spot the following week. We will be pulling PROMPTLY at 8pm server. Invites will start going out around 7:30pm. If you signed up to raid that week and you're not online for invites, your spot may be filled from an alts list.

Loot Rules

  • 1. We use Personal Loot for raiding.
  • 2. If you receive a loot drop and it is an upgrade for you, you keep it.
  • 3. If you receive a loot drop you do NOT need AND its eligible to trade, you need to whisper the Loot Handler the item.
  • 4. The Loot Handler will post the item in raid chat for you. Please do not randomly post items.
  • 5. When the item is posted, anyone interested will need to roll. The rolls are: 1-100 for Major Upgrade, 1-75 for Minor Upgrade, 1-50 for Off-Spec, and 1-25 for Transmog.
  • 6. Major Upgrades will take priority. So if someone rolls 10 on Major and someone rolls 50 on Minor, the Major roll still wins the item.
  • 7. Once you have won an item that night, please use Minor rolls so everyone has a chance for loot. Loot resets each raid night.
  • 8. If you an alternate raider, meaning you cannot commit to every raid night, please use Minor to roll upgrades. Special cases can be made, but please talk to raid leaders before raid night, not during loot rolls.


DoA finished Uldir with 8/8 Normal and 7/8 Heroic with a best 10% wipe on Heroic Ghuun before the raid came out.

Current tier - Battle of Dazar'alor:

  • 4/9 Normal
  • 0/9 Heroic