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DH Roster Progression

About the Team

We are a group of friends based in Alea Iacta Est: Fidelis who have come together for the following goals:

  • To have fun as a group
  • To see new content and defeat bosses!
  • Help each other gear up, through running heroics/raids and utilizing the array of professions our team has amongst our characters

What is Expected

  • Have a good attitude. It's ok to have a bad day, just say that you are.
  • Come prepared to work toward the goal we have set for the night.
  • Repair, Bring any and all flasks/elixirs/potions/food you will need.
  • Read the strategy for the boss we will be working on that night. It will be posted in the FB group

Raid Times

Tuesday & Wednesday from 10:30 - 1:30 server

Loot Rules

We will be using Master looter with the following assumptions

  • Need before Greed. Don't be a loot whore. If you have already gotten 1-2 pieces of gear and another team member needs something, be considerate.
  • Epics that aren't needed by anyone should be DE'd and put aside for team members' enchants.
  • BOE Blues/Greens are open roll

Gear & Addon Requirements:

Please have as many i346 level gear pieces as you can. We frequently run heroics as a group and will be more than willing to help you get a few pieces of gear and/or help you farm for crafted gear. However, since we would like to start raiding BWD as soon as possible, it would be super awesome if you have already done the bulk of grinding.

As far as addons go, DBM is highly recommended, as well as some sort of threat meter. If you find that you don't need a threat meter to play, that is superb. However, if you are constantly pulling threat off the tank, we might request that you install one. Aside from that, whatever addons you like! Insert non-formatted text here