Defenders of a Shattered Ego

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Who We Are

TCWM (10man) We are a casual raid team with a hardcore mentality, Our main ambitions are to grow as a team, Become self-sufficient, Progress, Have fun & Equip gear along the way.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday and Sunday 9pm - 12am


Tank: Modread (Death Knight) Madvillainy (Druid)

Healer: Benevolo (Priest) Thatsbull (Shaman)

Dps: Posiy (Hunter) Thizmo (Mage) Runwa (Warlock) Menelaos (Rogue) Quyzzyzzle (Shadow Priest) Brontao(Shammy)

Raiding Requirements

DBM (Deadly Boss Mod).
Ventrillo (Mic & Headphones).


(Need Roll) Main Spec, (Need Roll) Off Spec , (Greed Roll), (No Need) Disenchant.
Disenchanted Shards (Open Roll).
Embers/Orbs will be discussed.
Loot and Point systems will be discussed.


We are currently looking for standby apps. If you are chosen as a standby, all team expectations still apply, most important is being available at our raid times. The goal here is to not have to search AIELFG when a member cannot make it. This also gives some flexibility to real life commitments if we have standby's available. Be assured that any standby consistently filling in will quickly become a core member.
If you are intrested, please post at FP Forumswith the fallowing.
Toon Name-
Item Level-
Raiding History-


For more information please contact Modread or Swineflu In game. Thanks All