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Dead thumb.jpg
Game Name


Race Undead
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

Not as touched as badly by the plague, he's a little less decomposed then most. He often dresses more like a dead movie star then a card carrying member of thieves... You know, the Associated Bankers of Azeroth.

"Appearances may be deceiving, but they don't need to be unpleasant to the eye", he would often say.


Deadletters is a quiet sort, mostly keeping to himself. A kleptomaniac a heart, his one major flaw as a thief was he had trouble selling most of the useless junk he lifted. Often the most mundane objects proved the most fascinating to him. He has since rediscovered his Death Knight past.


Deadletters awoke in the shallow grave with no memory of his former life and a dagger firmly locked in his bony hand. Doing what was expected of him he became a thief, but it wasn't till the first pocket he picked that he embraced it. It was in Undercity that he first met Milkthistle. He was "working the crowd" when someone noticed their wallet was missing. Deadletters had quickly moved behind the young Tauren hunter to avoid being seen but instinctively started picking her pockets out of habit. He was good, looted in less then 30 secs, but Milkthistle's pet bear was not as easily distracted, or stunned. Roy snapped at the thief knocking him back against a wall, with Deadletters left arm still dangling in Roy's maul.

Fortunately Roy didn't like rotting flesh that much.

After much drama, and a limb reattachment, Milkthistle struck up a proposition. In exchange for his un-life he now belonged to her, as a personal banker. He would discontinue his klepo ways and she would guarantee there would always be "interesting things" for him to amuse over in the mail. To which he just grinned and quietly nodded. Considering what he's heard about the the rest of the world, his enslavement was the best thing that ever happened to him. Perhaps in the near future he'll see more of the world, but for now Banking is safer.


Deadletters is played by User:Thornhip.