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Icon of the Scourge.jpg
Game Name


Race Undead
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Jewelcrafting Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est

My name was Douglass Knight, as a human. My nickname as a child was D.K. I was born in a small village outside the gates of Lordaeron, in a town now called Brill. I defended and was killed in the battle of Lordaeron.

Now that I've risen, as others of my family and friends are too, they remembered my old nickname, and continued to call me by that name. As nicknames then to do, some didn't know my actual name.

Then, after dying again in a Darrowshire skirmish, I was raised again to fight for Arthas, completing my training against the Scarlet Crusade. As things go, my memories were weak during that time as my own will was growing under Mograine's training, I remembered the essence of my name and reported to them that I was called "D.K." without remembering why. As you can imagine, it was a tumultuous time, and my name was inadvertantly recorded as Dcay, as the scribe heard it.