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Darth thumb.jpg
Darth Nihilus
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Guild Alea Iacta Est

In a quiet corner of Mulgore, at a lonely ritual burial site, Milkthistle pause near a recent internment. There is no indication on who is there, but the huntress knows by heart who it is and bows her head more in sorrow then respect. It's been several years now since her mother's death, but the her feelings still bite deep.

The quite is interrupted by a low growl from Roy as the air begins to cool, an unnatural Tauren approaches. Without turning she know who it was. "About time you showed up, not that it matters much now." The Tauren Death Knight approaches the burial ground but is blocked by a Challenging Roar from Roy, enraged by his master's anger for this Tauren. Calmly and without emotion he backs down. His metallic voice seams soft a he speaks, "This is not the place. Your mother would..." "Would what!" Milkthistle interrupts, turning to face the Tauren with her hand on her Gun, "She was a healer, a gifted healer... Because of your betrayal she was forced into the war! Even after she retire her commission she was forced back in against her will! No, Thrall may have forgive you and others may befriend you, but as far as I'm concerned you're dead. The shadow that remains is no more my grandfather then the earth under it." Milkthistle spat on the ground in front of him as she leaves, walking away at an angry pace.

The Death Knight, seemingly unaffected, places some frosty flowers on his daughter's grave, "She has your spirit my little one, and your stubbornness, but in time she will forgive me." He sighs, "I only hope your claws are half as sharp when we finally meet." From a nearby shadow the glowing eyes of a great black panther watch with disconnected interest before fading back to the realm beyond.


Darthnihilus is played by User:Thornhip.