Chainmail Underpants

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Chainmail Underpants

Background and Objectives

We are a new 10 man team for casual progression starting with the first bosses in the Cataclysm raids and advancing at whatever rate our gear and ability allows.

Our mission is to have fun and see some (if not all) the content people may have missed. Because we emphasize a fun and social team culture over hardcore progression, it will be a great place for just about anyone. We accept all experience and gear levels, be you brand new to raiding or someone well-seasoned looking to play an alt or somewhere in between. Due to the prevalence of emblem and high level heroic gear, we will be continually evaluating what level of content is best suited to the team as a whole. We will also have one eye on the future for possibly building a level 85 team!

Raid Time(s)

Main night: Saturdays 11:30PM to 2:30am server time (eastern)

Off night: Tuesdays 10:00PM to 12:00am server time (eastern) <-- Possible Wrath Faceroll Night

Note there may be weeks when the raid leaders will consider adding an optional, second night rather than waste the remaining lockout time.

Recruiting Status

See the Chainmail Underpants thread in the AiE forums for more information.


  1. Ventrilo (need to be able to listen to the raid leaders)
  2. Deadly Boss Mods

Suggested Mods

  1. Omen
  2. Decursive

Loot Rules

A Master Looter will call for rolls in the following order until a given drop is awarded.

  1. Roll for MAIN SPEC upgrade (one "win" per evening; pass once you are awarded a drop)
  2. Roll OFF-SPEC upgrade -or- subsequent MAIN SPEC upgrades
  3. Vendor / Disenchant

Open rolls will be called for any non-gear drops such as bags, mounts, recipes, etc. Alternates or other substitutes receive equal loot rights for the encounters they participate in. The Master Looter's decisions are final.