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Leaders: Bouvi and Caoboi

Main Tank: Teraall

Alternate Tank: Alachaas


The Goal of COOP2 is to love the Alliance to DEATH! To Punt Gnomes further than ever. To boldly kill where no horde has killed before! Was that over the top? OK basically we love to visit the Alliance cities and to show our appreciation we paint the towns red. It is such a loving experience we even bring the love to their leaders. Not sure why they cringe when they see us coming. At the end of our visit some of us are even given special mounts if we do not have them yet.


Joining COOP2

Priority will be given to level 80s without the For The Horde achievement. Everyone else is first come, first serve. Just like in any raid you have to have a certain amount of DPS and healing. Without this critical balance the alliance leaders might live to face another day. But with it COOP2 will gladly direct them to the afterlife in a courteous and expedient manner.

Follow the Star

We know that the alliance cities can be confusing with all those gnomes running around to punt. To help keep our eyes on the goal we will have one of us marked with a Star. Follow the Star to victory.

Boat/Tram Usage Guidelines

Riding the Alliance transportation is a fun way to travel to various ports of call. Here are some helpful guidelines to ensure you not only enjoy the trip but survive it.
Staying together has long been recognized as a means of staying safe. Some crazy alliance may or may not attack a group but rest assured a group of alliance will attack a lonely individual.
So make sure to not get on the Boat/Tram until the word has been given to do so. Also be aware when we board as you do not want to be left behind to the delight of some gnomish army.

Boss Fights and you

Make sure to wait until the tank has aggro on the boss before opening up. In certain areas AOEers will have the job of laying down a wall of death in doorways, etc for any alliance wondering what is going on. Also during Boss Fight please keep vent clear in case something profound from the leader is spoken. You would not want to miss that.

OMG I died!!!

DO NOT RELEASE until the boss is down and then wait at the spirit healer unless told otherwise. Sometimes there are LONG runs back to the cities. To avoid this we will offer courteous summons, assuming we have a warlock, back to the group. Yes you will have 10 mins of sickness but it is better than dying 1,000 times trying to get back to the group.

The most important rule

COOP2 is designed to be fun and other than boss fights vent should be filled with fun. If you are one of those serious raiders who will get their buns in a twist if things are not 100% perfect, this group is NOT for you.

Thank you for your interest in COOP2

Please stay glued to the forums for upcoming COOP2 runs. We recommend super glue as elmer's just does not have the hold required.