BlizzCon or Bust

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BlizzCon Tix Small.jpg

Please add an entry to this table for each ticket you are looking for. If you have tickets, update the entry and PM the person who needs the tickets.

Toon Name Forum Name # Needed Provided By
Bloodylock Bloodyloc 1
Myrith Deg 1 Stigg
Keldoor ThePiePieper 1-2
Grimmclaw Grimm 2
Puml Puml 1 Kodexx
Naver Naver 1
Pelell Pelell 1 PunkRockWarlock
Toshiko Toshiko 2 Mkallah & Tetsemi
Dejara Dejara 1 Thorigann
Mizuru Eonis 1
Fuskami fusk 2
Eldacar Eldacar 1
Sophillea Sophillea 2
Milkweed faust 2
Faylla Eleanor 2
Airmeith Airmeith 1
Zariël/Zogbo PhysicsDude 1 Buffoon (you rock, man!)