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Bamusu Stormsinger
Guardian of Cenarious
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Druid
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Maui(WhoIsMyBestFreind), Malichi, Bobo, Arezzo, Rekor, Gufoni, Xalden, Pluff, Luchioun, Madkiller, Larean

I grew up on the plains of Mulgore. My father, Kar Stormsinger, was an excellent hunter and master tradesman. He made our lively hood off of taming and selling kodos to young adventurers. He was also a skilled leather worker and skinner so I took up his professions. I loved my father but never cared for the ways of a hunter. It was never my calling looking back on it, but like a good son I helped in the hunt for the mighty kodo.

As I came of age my father told me to travel south to Red Cloud Mesa and undergo the Rites of the Earth Mother. There I found an old tauren and his companion dog in a small camp right outside the camp where I met the village shaman. I asked his name but did not get a reply. I thought nothing of it so I just handed him so spare supplies I had and started on my way. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with a sense of fear yet peace as I was lifted into the air. I asked of what is this foul magic and before my eyes the old man became young and fit again and the small dog turned into a night elf. Father had always warned of the night elves and their menacing ways. “Release me at once or you will face the wrath of my bow you scoundrel,” I demanded! The night elf shot a beam of green energy that pierced my soul and I could feel power flowing through me. I could hear the trees, the animals, even the grass speak to me. Then I was thrust upon the ground with a violent shockwave. The elf and tauren turned into birds and flew away then…there was darkness. I awoke dazed in our small hut with my father to my side. I told him of the bizarre events that transpired and he got a strange look on his face. He said nothing as he left the room. As I rested this strange feeling in me would not cease. That is when my life started to take a very different path other than hunters.

Several nights later I was cleaning the kodo stables, I could…hear them speaking to me. They told me of the horrible way they were kept and what cruelties they have endured. I could not ignore them any longer, I released them from their cages and they stampeded out. My father saw me and he was furious. I explained to him that ever since the event in Red Cloud Mesa I had been hearing things speak to me, and how I can’t stand by as hunters just trap and kill animals. With nothing but the clothes on my back, a staff and a pack kodo, my father exiled me from our village never to return.

As I grew so did my skills of nature. I had no idea of what or where my strange powers came from. I would awake some nights as a different animal and I had no way of controlling it. I went to Cairne Bloodhoof for the answers I sought. Finally I had a name for my mysteries ways; they call us “Druids”. I asked is there anyone who could help and the reply was, “Yes, far to the north past the dry Barrens, past the night elf haven of Ashenavale and past the ruins of Felwood there is a sacred place called Moonglade. You must travel to Nighthaven, find a man called Rubine Saturne and you will find the answers you seek.” As I arrived in Nighthaven I met with Rubine and Umber. Rubine helped me hone my skills as a druid and Umber was the keeper of the knowledge of nature, he helped me in my studies. After my training was complete, Rubine said there were powerful dark forces assembling in Silithus a land far to the south. It was a dark force that had not been seen since the last great war. I knew what I had to do.

As I traveled south to Silithus I decided to get some fish supplies from Booty Bay for the long trip ahead. As I traveled on the boat from Rachet we were attacked by the Bloodsail pirates. It was the ship that went by the name “Wandering Anger”. A troll that appeared to be the admiral was ruthless. He set fire to our sails and was killing everyone on board and those who were not killed where put to work. I couldn’t be captured. I fought off as many pirates as I could but when the admiral came it was too much. I had no where to go so I jumped off the boat and took my chances with the sharks. The admiral was laughing manically as my body started sinking to the bottom. I washed up on the shores of Tanaris weak and nearly dead. I saw my near death experience as a sign to push onto Silithus. There I saw the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, every bit of my training had never prepared me for the horrors in there.

I gathered as many druids as I could and fought back the darkness. In Ahn’Qiraj I gained favor with my druids brothers. I returned to Nighthaven I found Rubine in a panic. He said that Illidan was on the move and he was about to open the Dark Portal. I understood little of what he was talking about so I went to Eldre’Thalas (Dire Maul) to study with the druids in the library. I found out very little about Illidan or the Dark Portal, but did find out that the Dark Portal was in badlands. I returned to Nighthaven for further instructions and the Cenarion Circle had basically divided. Half of them said we should research what’s beyond the Dark Portal, but others said it’s too dangerous and should be destroyed. So that is how the Cenarion Expedition was made. Rubine asked if I was going to Outlands I replied yes. I was young and foolish if I had known the dangers of Outlands I would have never went I would have destroyed the portal and Illidan could never reach Azeroth, but I had a sense of adventures in me I felt I had to prove my worth.

As we tried to tame Outlands, we came to an area you call Zangramarsh it means “Place of New Life”. We gathered information of the native wildlife and found them to be very strange indeed. The Nagas had given us trouble in Azeroth but none like the ones in Outlands. I still remember the day we tried to destroy Coilfang Resevoir. We gathered about 25 of our best me, I was one of the hand picked to go. As we started a hydra was guarding the pipe in, but we did not see it. We lost two men to the hydra already. The other paths were easy until we came upon Serpent Shrine Cavern. There Lady Vashj was waiting. We charged in, but lost 19 men that day. Sure we beat, her sure the Nagas grip on Outlands had loosened but at what cost? As our hold in Zangramarsh was secured I moved onto Illidan’s domain Shadowmoon Valley. They sent me there to spy on the Netherwing. I ascended through the ranks and became caption of the Skyshatter. I gained my wings of the Nether Drake. I now had the power to destroy the beast that plagued my people. I gathered the shattered order of the Ashtounge and defeated Illidan ending his rein over the people of Outlands. It was finally over, I defeated the monsters of Azeroth, slayed the demons of Outlands. Or so I thought…

A new land was discovered above the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Northrend was its name. I remembered something about that place. I read about it in the library at Eldre’Thalas. Arthas!!! That traitor. He was gathering a dark army to destroy all life. And now as the Lich King assembles his dark army to annihilate Azeroth I must once again rise to the challenge of saving this world from destruction…