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Ayawasgi Mu'Sha
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Druid
Professions Alchemy Herbalism Fishing Cooking First-Aid
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Afternoon Delight, Sunwalkers


in progress

Character History

Ayawasgi is no longer a young druid - has just earned the right to be called an Elder - but just passing the more impetuous years a Tauren may go through in his 80s. For some time he has fought the enemies of the Tauren people and the Horde. Using his natural skills in wielding natural forces against his foes, Ayawasgi often shifts form to fight as a Moonkin, enforcing the Balance with fearsome efficiency and reveling in the joy of combat.

But the power he wields has cost him. By nature and inclination a peaceful, calm being, much like others of his race, the time he has spent as a Moonkin has changed him. The violence he has done, even if justified, is in such forceful opposition to his dedication to the service of the Earthmother and of Elune that this may have been inevitable. This guardian of nature, who will travel days to find a new plant or herb to study it, who will gather the materials to make healing draughts for his clan or friends now finds himself drawn in greater and greater frequency his Moonkin form and the draw of calling on his powers to destroy life - of the enemies in the alliance, neutral beings or even the wild beasts of Azeroth or Outland. He craves this with growing need and spends a growing portion of his time as a Moonkin.

Aya, as he is also known, is member of a small faction within the Tauren community with a particular affinity for Mu'sha (as Elune is known amongst the Tauren) and as with the others of this group has changed his clan name for "Mu'Sha" in her honor. One member of this group, a younger Druid named Naishi, has noticed this change in Aya. With the help of of the group he has convinced Aya to seek the elders of the Cenarion Circle in Moonglade to assist him in understanding these changes.

The guidance he has received is not to forsake the Moonkin form - but to reforge his own personal balance by developing his talents other areas. To spend time as a healer. In this way he will gain the maturity to withstand the impulses and violent desires of the Moonkin.



Connections to Other Characters

Aya's extended family (the Mu'Sha):

Naishi - young Druid. Naishi was an adventurer for some time, but has gradually found his calling as the real bedrock of the Mu'Sha group - he makes his home in Thunder Bluff and corresponds diligently with the others. He helps as he can, running errands in town, buying ad selling goods and equipment as needed to help the others in their various adventures. Naishi's wise counsel is appreciated by the small 'clan' he tends to.

Ligai - Ligai is a hunter, and like many of her kind disappears for months at time. She was last seen in Stranglethorn Vale.

Threebraids - a Shaman. Aya has taken him under his wing lately and has provided several enchanted items to help Threebraids develop his shamanistic powers, hopefully so he can join Aya in Northrend shortly. Threebraids is exploring the aggressive side of shamanism, but he knows the flows of restoration run deep in him.

Ritter - Ritter is the oddest of the Mu'Sha. Originally a highly born Blood Knight, he joined Lich King to become one of his Death Knights after feeling betrayed by the Kael'Thas. He originally joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade when they broke from Arthas, but the changing of allegiances became too much for him. Ritter was spending time in the old world, trying to reconnect with something, when he came across Naishi in the Barrens. The young Druid and the former champion of the Scourge developed an odd, but powerful, bond. Though Ritter is not fully a convert, his deep respect for Naishi and the other Mu'Sha have made him one of their own. Ritter still prefers to be away from those who do not know his this well, and can usually be found in the wildest parts of Northrend. Unless he's in a battleground, testing himself and increasing his warlike skills at the cost of the Alliance!