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This guide will use Adium 1.5.4 for OSX 10.7.5 but other versions should be similar.


Download and install Adium

First Time Start Up

  • Launch Adium from your Launchpad or Application list
  • Go to the File Menu and select Add Account and pick XMPP (XMPP is the protocol Jabber uses)

File menu.png Xmpp.png

  • An Edit Account window should open

Add account01.png

  • In the Edit Account window type in your Jabber ID. It will be your UMAMI user name with "" tacked on, such as,
  • In the password field type in your UMAMI password
  • Click the "OK" button

Add acount02.png

You're now ready to join a Conference room

Connecting to a Conference room

  • Go to the File Menu and select Join a Group Chat (Adium calls Conference rooms Chat Rooms)

Join group chat A.png

  • The Join Chat window will appear

Join chat01.png

  • In the Chat Room Name Type in the name of the conference you would like to join, such as Greenwall.
  • If the Sever field is blank add:
  • Type in your UMAMI password in the Password field
  • Click the Join button

Join chat02.png

A conference room window should open, depending of time of day there may not be anybody in the room.

To change your handle

  • Go to the Adium Menu and select Preferences


  • In the Preferences window click on the Personal tab

Preference window.png

  • In the Personal tab you should see a Name field. You can update this field with your UMAMI username.