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Forming a community that is dedicated to helping each other obtain achievements. This will not be a progression raid team. I prefer a relaxed atmosphere that is forgiving of mistakes and new raiders like myself. Therefore, we will be focusing mainly on older content and picking up the achievements that we missed along the way.

Raid Times

We are starting with just one meeting a week on Tuesdays @10pm-12midnight (server time) and will focus on non-current content for these nights. Optional Cata-5mans and other optional group events can be scheduled or formed thru the week.

Team Details

Each week’s objective will be posted on our group thread and indicated on the in-game invitation. If you have a suggestion or request, please share it with the group and we will work it into our schedule.

Attendance is flexible because we will rarely “need” a full group to actually complete the old content (and because we all have lives outside of WoW) but I ask that you notify the group when you do not intend to run so that we don’t wait for you unnecessarily. If you sign up I will assume that you actually WANT to run with us so please don’t make a habit of not showing. Gear and buffs are not so important and it’s not necessary that you know the fights although a little background knowledge (i.e. reading) would be helpful to make things go smoother. We will have access to Ventrilo to make this easier as well.

Loot will be Need before Greed,ask before you need.

Example/Tentative Team Schedule

July 12th – Sunwell Plateau


Reply to MB thread or contact Saphìrra (alt 0236) in game.